Standalone Sunday is a feature created by Megan@bookslayereads ( where each Sunday a standalone book (not part of a series) that I loved or would recommend will be featured!

I love that meme as it takes little time to do (I’m always running like the real busy bee I am) AND I get to promote a book I really loved. This is the perfect idea for me!

If you want to play, feel free but don’t forget to tag Megan’s blog.
This week I’d like to feature some sweet romance story written by one of my favorite authors.



I’ll keep it short for once (might be refreshing for you all 😀 )


More than 5 stars.

This book made its way to my “best shelf”.

It has it all:

-drug cartels;
-childhood sweethearts;
-spoiled heiress turned survivor;
-dangerously attractive abductor;
-hot sexual chemistry….

I was hooked from the first sentence and had to put it down with great reluctance when I had to work or do some (un)necessary chore.

I loved Skye and Damian. I cried for MaMaLu. I laughed when Gidiot got what he deserved and I wanted to kill Victor myself. And I loved when Sierra kicked him in the balls. Way to go girl!

Really, all the rave about this book is well deserved. Just read it, especially if you’re in a bookhangover and miss your quality reading fix.

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