Standalone Sunday is a feature created by Megan@bookslayereads  where each Sunday a standalone book (not part of a series) that I loved or would recommend will be featured!

I love that meme as it takes little time to do (I’m always running like the real busy bee I am) AND I get to promote a book I really loved. This is the perfect idea for me!

If you want to play, feel free but don’t forget to tag Megan’s blog.



Today I want to go back to some YA novel I really loved. I’ve already published a review for this one that you can find HERE, but I think All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven really deserves a secound round of attention.


And yet, in the beginning of my read I nearly DNF as I could not stand Fynch. I’m happy I perservered though as it’s been one of the best contemporary YA novels I’ve read these past months (with The Serpent King and Goodbie Days by Jeff Zentner of course LOL).


So I hope you’ll go read my full review maybe for the first time and if it’s your second time well… this book deserves all the love it can get!






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