Standalone Sunday is a feature created by Megan@bookslayereads  where each Sunday a standalone book (not part of a series) that I loved or would recommend will be featured!

I love that meme as it takes little time to do (I’m always running like the real busy bee I am) AND I get to promote a book I really loved. This is the perfect idea for me!

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This sunday I choose to feature a YA contemporary book written by Elle Casey: All the Glory.

It’s not her most known book but it’s been a very good surprise and I hope you’ll enjoy it as well.


5 stars

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I love Elle Casey’s books, be it about supernatural creatures, cowboys or football players.

All the Glory broaches some delicate topics I don’t want to develop or I would spoil your read. Just know I loved everything in this book:


-the humor Elle is famous for (the witty comebacks, the banter and sarcasm) even if this is a drama;


-the wonderful characters, be it the hot but fallen football player Jason, Bobby the best gay friend skinny and glittery or Katy the stubborn heroine with a “devil may care” attitude;


-the difficult topics and thoughts they raised. How your so called friends can turn their backs in one second if you’re accused of murder, even if minutes before you were the golden town boy. The price you pay when you are “famous and beautiful”;


-the plot with multiple layers and the pace not too fast but not too slow either;


-Katy and Jason’s relationship, how they grew from knowing of each other to knowing each other.


Above all else, I really, really, really … adored Katy. She is just my kind of heroine: strong, determined, fiercely loyal, with sarcastic humor. She was the “take no crap kind of girl”. She was dead set of being friend with Jason and thought she wanted to be the kind of friend she would love to have if she was in the same awful predicament Jason was experiencing. It was “Katy against the world”against Jason even some time. He pushed her but she came back. He tried to intimidate her to make her drop some sensitive topics but she held her ground. He tried to make her falter with his hot bod and sad puppy eyes but she was not swayed (and most would falter under these circomstances, me included!);


I guessed what had really happened long before the big reveal but it did not make my read less interesting or wonderful. I don’t know if every reader would guess but you have little clues from 75% in the book so try to play detective and see if you can solve the mystery.

If you want a very well written YA book with just the right balance of humor and drama, this is a very good one.

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