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Today’s challenge is about my favorite female character written by Amy Harmon.

Well honestly I have two fantastic female characters. Really different from each other but exceptional nonetheless.

First one: Batsheva “Eva” Rosselli in From Sand and Ash

Eva did everything she could as a kid to make Angelo feel at home. He was so far from his family but she was determined to befriend the little boy.  Eva had a tranquil strength with a fire under the ashes. She’ll endanger herself countless times to save her people. She will risk her life every day to help protect Jews from the Nazis. You have to admire a woman so courageous.”





Second one: Mercedes from The Smallest Part

Mercedes is MY underdog and she should never have been one to begin with. She should have been the main character of this love story. Mercedes knew Noah first. They have been best friends since she was eight years old.
Mercedes loves Noah, always have. But she did not claim him before their other friend Cora did. And I wanted to owl with the wolves because it felt so wrong! Why did she let him go? Why didn’t she fight for him? For the boy who was so obviously perfect for her? Why did she have to be so..so…selfless???
I was angry with Mercedes even if I loved her to pieces at the same time. That was until she explained her reason about the most important part by the end.

Now do tell me about your favorite female character please.

Thanks for reading!


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    1. Oh I will have to have a look at that series! And yes it can be frightening when you are the “outsider” ! Thank you Dani!