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I am back again for the third week of the #T4AuthorsChallenge thought by @CollectorOfBookBoyfriends and @TotallyBex

This week’s spotlight will be on another one of my favorite authors: Amy Harmon!

I follow Amy Harmon for years now and the firts book that I read was “Running Barefoot” (see below).

After having chatted and interviewed Amy I can tell you that she really is one of the sweetest persons that I know. Meeting her at RARE I can add that her pictures are not photoshopped and that she is so gorgeous she looks like a beautiful doll: all big and sweet doe eyes, long shiny hair, flawless skin and bright smile!

She also has one if not THE most graceful writing that I have read.

Every time that I am reading one of her books I highlight like mad! All her books could be quoted and I already know that choosing my favorite(s) quotes will be extremely difficult!

Reading her stories always leave me …cleansed. I can’t explain it better than my soul is rejoycing after having read such gorgeous words. Seriously I know that I may appear lyrical here (ok I am totally lyrical) but her stories have an inner light.

If you doubt my words and think that I have lost my mind just read them and tell me if I was wrong!


OK first book that I had read by Amy was Running Barefoot.

For once my review was short! 😀 

Here is what I wrote:

” Truly beautiful story.

I chose this book following the enthusiastic reviews and I have not been disappointed in the least!
How to describe it to do it justice?

This is a story of unexpected friendship and blossoming love. It’s also a tale of wisdom, the journey of two kindred spirits to find their own path, to grow up. All of this happening in rural America, in a tiny city (village?) among farmers and a close community.

It shows you how some encounters are life altering helping you to discover your potential, your dreams and to blossom into your true self.

For Josie, it was her music teacher whom opened a world full of music soothing her soul as well as empowering and elating her. She also discovered the power and the mystery of words, of beautifully written novels.

Samuel came to accept his inheritance in all it’s facets thanks to the miracle of Josie’s friendship. She transmitted her passion for music and words, her faith in himself, making him feel stronger. Josie inspired him and he fought to be better, smarter and just become whom she saw in him.

At first, Josie was Samuel’s teacher on this journey, notwistanding her young age (she is kind of an old soul anyway). Some years later, Samuel came back to take care of her and help Josie to free herself from a life full of duty but devoid of true joy and happiness.

A moving story. I think Amy Harmon just became one of my favourite authors.

If you enjoy stories like “The Sweet Gum Tree” (one of my other favourite), you’ll love this one!”

That’s all for today!

Have you read any of her books? Think that I am wrong?

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I’ve only read one book by Amy Harmon, Making Faces, but I adored the story. I have no clue why I haven’t read anymore of her books, somehow that slipped my mind whoops! But she’s going to a signing I want to attend next year so I need to be binge a lot of her backlist books!

  2. Great post, Sophie! Amy Harmon is such a wonderful author. All her works are pretty emotional! The first book that I’ve read by her is A different Blue. I absolutely loved it and also the The bird and the sword.

    1. I love A Different Blue too! I also was a little sad when she decided to give the baby away but at the same time …I was happy as she did a good deed 😉

  3. I haven’t read Running Barefoot yet but I’ve read Infinity + One which I adored and Making Faces which was be-au-ti-ful! I’m not sure I’ve even reviewed that last one, I need to check it out! I have The Smallest Part to read too whoohoo!! You don’t have to convince me what an amazing writer she is, I know !!