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Second day of Amy Harmon’s spotlight and today is about her latest release.

Confession: The Smallest Part is different from her other books but has truly fantastic characters! Mercedes is one of the most selfless woman that I’ve read about and Noah did everything to help others.

This is another fantastic addition to her already impressive collection!

Here is what I wrote about it (or some of what I wrote about it):

“Once again Amy portrayed ordinary persons that could be your neighbors in an extraordinary light.
She does not write about superheroes saving the world in epic ways. She writes about small people being quietly extraordinary. In a lifelong silent, constant and discreet support.

It’s a daunting review to write as this book had another “feel” to it than other books written by Amy.
Not any less good but the writing is different.
It’s concrete. It’s real and beautiful. I would say it does not fly so high you seem to be in Heaven but rather it walks right alongside you holding your hand like an old constant friend.

The heart of the book is about the power of true friendship. Friendship which is a variation of love. It is perfect and powerful in this story.

Mercedes knew Noah first. They have been best friends since she was eight years old.

Mercedes loves Noah, always have. But she did not claim him before their other friend Cora did.

“Mercedes knew Noah first. She could have said that. She could have called dibs.”

Amy just wrote one of the best enduring friendship stories ever written.”


Have you read this story? Loved it?

Thanks for reading!


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