Hi dear friends,

Today’s challenge is about my favorite female character written by Cassandra Clare

Yes I know Clary is great and Tessa is sweet but courageous yet …my favorite character is badass!

I have chosen Emma Carstairs as my favorite character!

Emma is a female Jace.

Here is what I wrote about her in lady Midnight:

A special mention for Emma Carstairs: she is my dream heroine, the female version of Jace. Brave, impulsive, passionate, pushing her body to the limits to be better, faster, stronger. She is deeply loyal and sacrificed herself to take punishment and protect her loved ones. She had to make really hard choices and her last one to protect Julian was so terrible.

In Lord of the Shadows my only regret was that I had not enough of Emma. You see how much I love that girl!

Who is your favorite female character written by Cassandra Clare?

Thanks for reading.


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