Hi dear friends,

Second week of the #T4AuthorsChallenge organized by Collector of Book Boyfriends and Totally Bex.

This second week I will feature another of my top four authors: Emma Scott!

Topic of the day: first book read.

OK I won’t lie to you: the first book I’ve read by Emma left me with mixed feelings (Emma don’t hit me or erase me from your friend’s list please).

“How to Save a Life” was my first read and if I adored “part one” (I gave it 5 stars) “part two” left me very confused.

Here is my review:

“Odd mixed feelings for this one.

I truly loved the first part. It reminded me of some of my favorite authors writing about impaired or unusual characters. It was sweet, it was honest, it was true, it was heart wrenching, it was what I expected this book would be based on some reviews.

The second part left me …puzzled. It was like a second whole book or a second writer. Not bad at all but not what I thought I would get. It’s harsher, darker and maybe too “over the top” compared with what happened in the first part. I found it too extreme, like you tossed truckload of drama in a story that did not need it to work really well.

And the end was not what I expected. I’m still trying to reconcile it with all Evan’s training and the book’s title. I thought Evan’s “preparation” would serve another purpose.

What I did really, really, really loved though was Evan. If you liked Archer or Flynn from Reclaiming the Sand or Moses from The Law of Moses you’ll love Evan too. Swoon worthy!

So all in all a good read but it feels like a missed chance at writing a true masterpiece if not for the foreign feeling the second part left me with. This of course is only my personal opinion and certainly not the Bible πŸ˜€ ”

As you can see I did not know yet that it was the beginning of my love story for Emma Scott as a person (she is the sweetest!) and a writer.

Lessons learned: don’t stop at one book if others love the author, give it another chance as it could be your next top four author!

I can honestly say after having read 8 books written by Emma that it was the only one that had me wih mixed feelings. I adored all her other books and can’t wait for her next duet!!!! πŸ˜‰Β 

Have you ever had similar experience with an author you adore?

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I never read Emma Scott’s books but I’ve heard great things about her books especially Full Tilt. I have it on my TBR so I hope I get to it soon.