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Today is day four with Emma Scott in this challenge and sorry but I could not choose only one favorite female character.

Or you could say that I chose one under each of Emma’s pen name.

If you did not know it yet Emma not only writes contemporary romance but she is also an immensely gifted fantasy author under the name of E.S Bell. Yes you’ve read it right! She wrote The Dark of the Moon and I loved this story so much that I gave it 6 stars!

First favorite female character under E.S. Bell name: Selena Koren.

What I wrote about Selena:

“Selena Koren is beautiful, kind, gifted, strong and cursed. How she wasn’t bitter and resentful at what happened to her I can’t fathom! She chose to stay in the light and not be swallowed by darkness. As she said: . She is also tired to be cold and alone all the time. My heart ached at this injustice! She could heal everyone but her. “What a crock” said Sabastian. She is badass! The kind of heroine I love to read about.”




Second favorite female character under her usual pen name: Darlene from “Forever Right Now”

My thoughts about Darlene: If I was a guy I would marry Darlene a thousand times.
Never before have I felt such love for a female character. I’ve admired and loved plenty heroines but Darlene was just impossible not to fall intensely in love with.
She is struggling with what she did and what she wants to escape. When Emma Scott writes Darlene’s struggle and conflicts you can only feel them deep in your soul.

“I hate that no matter what I do, I’ll always be that girl. The girl who was weak and sad. Who had this big yawning hole of want in her, and filled it up with terrible shit. And you know what? The drugs are gone but the want is still there, and the good things I want to fill it with are right in front of me but I’m scared to grab for them.”

Here is what I wrote after reading what she went through, her desperate need to be loved and her fears to fall for her old demons even if she was determined to become a new woman: I love Darlene. She is raw attuned to the world and others she is like opened wound and bare flesh for everyone to see. She is overflowing with emotions and a need to love and be loved so big that it’s overwhelming. Like her tiny body is not big enough to contain this tidal wave of feelings.
Darlene was just an exceptional character helping everyone, wearing her heart on her sleeve and she swept Sawyer of his feet.”

Now it’s your turn! Who is your favorite female character?

Thanks for reading!


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