Hi dear friends,

Second day of “Praising Emma Scott’s books” and I will be cheating today!

I know I am a bad bad girl but let me explain.

One Good Man was released some weeks ago so should be Emma’s latest release only ….it was part of the Team Player anthology who had been released in 2017. Emma published it as its own story in 2018.

I decided that her latest published work (as in creation) was then “In Harmony”.

See? Cheating but not :-D 

What can I say about In Harmony other than I absolutely loved it!

Emma also told us it was somewhat personal as the art she is featuring in this one is acting and she studied acting in college!

I gave it 5 stars and here is some of what I wrote in my review:

How do I begin this review?

Maybe I can tell you about my wish for once in my busy mom’s life to have a whole empy day just to read? It was painful to set the book aside each time I had to do a chore or listen to my drama queen of a daughter else get a “Mom! You never listen to me!”.

Or I can begin by telling you how I had watery eyes on the treadmill at my fitness club just in front of the big mirrors and I was sniffling like mad because :”Why doesn’t that damn fitness gear have one pocket for a tiny tissues?!!!!” Well with all the tears that I shed at some point I would have needed a backpack to carry said tissues.

Maybe I can share with you my secret wish to wear a white slip, long blonde braid and expose my emotions playing Ophelia on stage? Because it seemed so cathartic and liberating for Willow and Isaac. Maybe I could vent my frustration and fear when you discover years after that you avoided one of the worst drama with your teenage son…

I could also tell you that I’ll buy exclusive rights to all Angie’s sassy and crazy T Shirt quotes because I know I will make big money selling them on pajamas, T Shirts, tote bags… Just watch me becoming the next billionaire because dang Emma! Angie was a fabulous friend and she had the best sarcastic humor!

Or simply I could just tell you that Emma Scott has swept me off my feet once more just to catapult me in her deeply moving and dramatic story.

As you can see it was a winner for me!

Let me know all about the latest release of one of your top 4 authors please.

Thanks for reading!



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