Hi dear friends,

In this fourth day of Top 4 Authors Challenge I will speak about my favorite female character written by Suanne Laqueur.

Well this is HARD! Suanne writes fantastic characters but honestly the men tend to stick in my mind longer than the women.

I could have chosen Daisy but what she did hurt me so much that she fell from her pedestal. And yes I know she was hurting but still….holding a grudge? Who? Me? Noooo . Well maybe.

I am now choosing the second main female character: Valérie Larks.

Valérie was smart, curious, adventurous, artist, talented and territorial.

She was a fantastic mother and a generous lover.

She was smitten with Alex for many many years but had to wait for the right time before being together. She was patient with him when he got depressed. And as much as Alex loved her he hurt her. A lot.

In this story the women are the strong ones. Valerie is a strong woman and I never cried on her fate even when she’s been betrayed.

This is how I imagine Val.

Now who is your favorite female character from one of your top 4 favorite authors?

Thanks for reading!


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