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I am so happy to host Tanya’s post today!!! Without further ado, let’s read what she wanted to share!

Hello friends! I’m so excited to be part of Sophie’s Romance & Love Celebration, so thanks for having me, Sophie!

As soon as Sophie announced this feature I knew just what I wanted to share: my favorite romantic songs. I’ve always had a strong connection to music and while my taste in style and genre is varied, I admit I have a soft spot for romantic songs. Some may not seem to be the typical love song – they’re not always ballads, and they’re never sappy (ugh) – but in each case there is something about the lyrics and the melody that speak to me. So allow me to share my Top 5 Most Romantic Songs with you!

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Fall For You by Secondhand Serenade (2008)

Sure the lyrics are a little (or a lot) on the angsty side, but I still can’t help but fall for the dramatic delivery and plaintive declaration of love.


Most Romantic Line: “Because tonight will be the night/That I will fall for you over again/Don’t make me change my mind/Or I won’t live to see another day/I swear it’s true/Because a girl like you is impossible to find/You’re impossible to find.”


My Valentine by Martina McBride and Jim Brickman (1997)

I’ve never been a fan of country music, but this song by Jim Brickman with vocals by country singer Martina McBride is so beautiful and romantic that I can’t help but melt a little each time I hear it.

Most Romantic Line: “And even if the sun refused to shine/Even if romance ran out of rhyme/You would still have my heart/Until the end of time.”


Crazy Love by Van Morrison (1970)

Van Morrison is an amazing Irish singer and songwriter and I love so many of his songs. (In fact, I strongly considered his Moondance for this list before settling on Crazy Love.) This ode to the woman he loves is sweet and romantic and downright swoony.

Most Romantic Line: “I can hear her heartbeat/For a thousand miles/And the heavens open/Every time she smiles.”


Make You Feel My Love by Bob Dylan (1997)

There are so many artists who have covered this song originally written by Bob Dylan – Billy Joel, Adele, Garth Brooks, Kelly Clarkson – and was even used in the movie Hope Floats. (My personal favorite is the version by Shane Filan.) The quiet, understated nature of this song just highlights the achingly romantic lyrics.

Most Romantic Line: “When the evening shadows and the stars appear/And there is no one there to dry your tears/I could hold you for a million years/To make you feel my love.”


Romeo’s Tune by Steve Forbert (1979)

This song… it’s been my favorite for almost 40 years and hold such a special place in my heart. It’s amazing that a song that you first heard in childhood could continue to impact you all the way into adulthood – but this one does. Several years ago my husband surprised me by printing the lyrics and having them framed. I told him at the time, “You’ll never outdo this gift.” And it remains the best present I’ve ever received.♥

Most Romantic Line: “Meet me in the middle of the day/Let me hear you say everything’s okay/Bring me southern kisses from your room/Meet me in the middle of the night/Let me hear you say everything’s alright/Let me smell the moon in your perfume.”


Tanya’s bio

My name is Tanya and if you’re here you must love books and reading as much as I do.Β 

Since part of the joy of reading comes from sharing what you’ve read and talking about it with others (and I can only torture my husband with talk of fictional characters for so long), Girl Plus Books was born. The title is pretty appropriate because the fact is, you’ll rarely find me without a book in hand.

As a lifelong avid reader, my tastes may have changed over the years but some things remain constant: my love for a great story, well-written characters that I can’t help but fall for, some swoon-worthy romance (some steamy moments never hurt), and a little angst for good measure. One of my favorite things is finding those book gems that gives all the feels – romance that makes my heart melt, sexytimes that make my heart race, emotional moments that make my heart hurt, laugh out loud moments, scenes that put a smile on my face, and ultimately, a story that stays with me long after the book has ended.

I read new adult, young adult and some adult fiction with my favorite genres being contemporary romance and paranormal romance. I do branch out but those are my favorites. I love original plots, romance, alpha males (bonus if he’s angsty with a tortured soul) and I don’t mind a well done love triangle. I really dislike spoilers, insta-love and overdone plot devices, particularly plots that are based on one big misunderstanding that could have been solved with a single conversation if the characters had just talked. Gah!Β 

But even more than all that, I love to talk about books with others. So if you like what you see here I hope you’ll subscribe and come back often and comment. I’d love to hear what you have to say!




Now it’s your turn: Do you have a favorite romantic song?

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Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more posts tomorrow!


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  1. Great song list, Tanya. And I have to admit to never having heard of Romeo’s Tune but I love it and I can see where your husband SCORED BIG with that gift. πŸ˜‰ Thanks for sharing your favorite romantic songs and for introducing me to Sophie’s blog. πŸ™‚

  2. My Valentine is one of my favorite old love songs. <3 Never fails to make me swoon. Some of my favorite old love songs are How Deep Is Your Love by Bee Gees, Stay Together by Al Green, Maybe This Time by Michael Murphy, I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston and Nothing's Gonna Change My Love for You by George Bensson.

  3. Fall For You by Secondhand Serenade is one of my favorite songs (at least from the romantic ones). I love the angst in the lyrics… but I also love them in most of my songs as well since I find I relate to the song and the lyrics more. Like you, it’s usually the lyrics or the melody that speaks to me and catches my attention.

  4. Crazy Love is such a classic, and that Secondhand Serenade song is one of my favorites! My all-time, aspired to dance at my (never happened) wedding song is Somebody by Depeche Mode. It’s a little angsty, but beautiful nonetheless.

    1. Squeeeeee!! Sam, I love Somebody! Actually I love almost everything DM ever did, but Somebody was just so beautiful. It’s like he was laying his heart and soul bare singing about the love he wanted so much. Oh, my heart!

      1. hahaha I love that you are commenting back Tanya! I will just sit, read and eat some popcorn today πŸ˜‰