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I am writing a different post today after I reread the “All for the Game “ series by Nora Sakavic!
I don’t usually do rereads as the books lose their mystery but I accepted to do a buddy read to see the reaction of some friends who would discover that series for the first time (one of them is you Caro @cjrtb_books)!

To my utter astonishment I enjoyed that series as much if not even more than the first time!

And I wondered why it did not lose its luster and pondered that it would make for an amazing TV show!

Here are all the reasons why:

-The characters are all flawed and some are unhinged!
We see that the best shows have special characters like “The Good Doctor” (autism) or “Big Bang Theory” (Sheldon has no social clue to say the least).
All the young adults/teenagers in the Foxhole Court have lived traumatizing youth, experienced abuse one way or the other and don’t follow the usual society codes. They all stand out and some are even considered as sociopaths.

Their unconventional answers to many society rules and drama makes them deeply fascinating!

-The sport!

Nora Sakavic invented a new sport Exy, in her series, a cross between hockey and lacrosse. I have never been one for following sports events and games but these games were some of the best part of the story! The author went all out to build something unique with rules to follow, equipment to buy, court to build and it was a masterpiece.

The competitions!

I love books with competitions in them. Because I always root for one team and I wait with bated breath for the next game, hoping they will win. I wanted to shout “go, go, go” all along!

The underdogs.

What is even more gripping is that The Foxes, at the beginning of the story, are the outsiders. They have been mocked for their small size, for their hot tempers and inability to work well as a team. They should never be in the first league and yet here they are! With Neil Josten’s arrival, they will rally and unite, beating all odds. And there is nothing more satisfying than seeing the rise of a team everyone thought would lose! There is no glory in rooting for the biggest challenger. But supporting the underdog, that’s a whole other story and it makes for a lot of adrenaline!

The constant threat

Neil Josten, our main hero, has been running from gangsters for the last eight years. You never know if he’ll stay or flee, especially at the beginning of the story. There is a constant threat, a danger lurking at every corner that keeps the tension in the book!

The mafia and the villains

I said that Neil was running for his life and Riko, the Butcher and all the mafia lords made for very convincing villains! What is a good story without an evil villain right?

-The slow burn

The first time I read that series the “love” story really took me by surprise. I never saw it coming and it took a long time before happening. Rereading with what I knew would come made me see all the little clues that I missed the first time. And in every TV show where there is a tension and attraction between the main characters, the audience is lapping that like a cat would lap a bowl of cream. Because everyone wants something to happen between these two! Slwo burn for the win.

The diversity

That series could have diversity as its middle name. You have people of all colors on the team and of all sexuality. At a time where people scream for more diversity, where we even have “blind color” shows like Bridgerton, I think All for the Game would fit right in!

The Mental health

That series is made of characters who have been abused by life. That also means that you get some serious topics like depression, suicide, repression etc. This is not the world of rainbow and unicorns and I think that many people at one point in their life struggle with their mental health for one or another reason. Or know someone who has struggled. Seeing fictional characters dealing with their trauma, some in very unhealthy ways until they follow a more conventional path creates empathy. We can relate. We are not alone. It creates a unique bond with the characters, even stronger because we want them to find happiness, to get better!

-Andrew Minyard

If there was one reason only to read that series, it would be Andrew Minyard.

We all agreed in the group that as unhinged, cold, maniac and determined to kill or maim anyone who would touch what is “his” that Andrew was he was the best thing to happen to that series.

If we all loved Neil Josten, the main character, Andrew was in a league of his own and is a character unlike any other one. He stole the show and had us all falling for him!

I hope that after reading these reasons you’ll give that series a go (I am leaving my previous reviews here below) and I hope that a TV producer read this post (maybe share or repost??) and decides to take a chance on these underdogs (even if they are foxes). A fan has even made an amazing unofficial trailer!

And here are my past reviews!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Esta es mi segunda vez leyendo esta trilogía porque la leí hace tiempo pero me gusta tanto que la extrañé. Me gustaría que hicieran una película sería increíble

  2. This series has been on my TBR for a while but for some reason I hadn’t started it yet. Your post just moved it to the top of my TBR because it does sound soo good!

  3. I just finished listening to the series a couple weeks ago, and I’m also surprised no one has snatched it up for a movie or series. And I’m and Andrew fan!

  4. This is such a great post! I have dropped this series after reading the second one because the tension and the angst were too much for me, but there were a lot of things I appreciated in there and I have to agree with you about all the reasons you give for this to be a great tv show!

    1. I just finished the books for the first time and in my opinion the third one is the best. It touches on a lot of topics and yeah – it has tension and angst and drama – but you get rewarded with a lot of comfort. And cute scenes between the main couple and the team of course 🙂 I would suggest you try to lightly spoiler yourself if the anticipation is the problem (if you haven’t finished the series already). For me the read was totally worth it.

  5. Ah, I’ve seen a lot of people love this series! It’s a shame I haven’t read it yet but definitely will. Especially since your points are making me realise this would actually be a great tv show.

  6. I just loved your thoughts on this one, and it definitely sounds familiar and I am surprised it hasn’t been adapted as I remember how popular it was when it came out, seemed everyone I knew was reading it. And brownie points for it being so well diverse.