My mother once told me that you could take a man off the street, but you couldn’t take the street out of the man when that was all he’d ever known


My family has secrets. I’m always the good girl, doing what’s necessary to keep my loved ones safe. I’ve kept the darkest secrets from everyone I know. As painful as it is to hold them all inside where they live and gnaw away at me, that’s where they must stay. I haven’t seen my closest childhood friend, Christian Bear, since I was a teenager—he hasn’t changed a bit. He’s still temperamental and plays by his own rules with the law following two steps behind him.

Christian remembers me. But he doesn’t know the first thing about me anymore. I should’ve shared my feelings with him the day before I moved away with my family, promising him I’d stay in touch. It broke my heart when he didn’t keep his end of the bargain. As a consequence, we haven’t spoken in years. Even though Christian and I have always had undeniable chemistry, I won’t let him shatter my heart a second time.

Christian has shown up in my life again with secrets of his own, and demanding answers. That doesn’t mean I’m willing to give them. He’ll know my secrets when I’m ready.

Our secrets, the risks we’re taking, and the danger he imposes make it impossible to know what our future holds.

Either our tethered souls will bind back together, or our secrets will separate us forever.



4,5 « I am so happy to have their story” stars


 First let me give you an excerpt of my chat with Beth Flynn…

Beth: “I hope you like it. It’s not as dark as my other reads. It’s more a coming of age love story. And not a lot of MC.  But I am proud of it”.

Me: “Don’t worry I love coming of age (I read lots of YA). And being proud of what you write is the MOST important!”

Now I have read it and …adored it! I finished reading hidden in my bedroom far from the kids, the hubs only the dog was allowed to keep me company as she keeps me warm and does not complain.


A little background here.

I consider the Nine Minutes trilogy as THE BEST MC story that I have ever read so far.

Beth is a brilliant writer but what made the series really outstanding was the incredible plotting and scheming. Trust me if you read it you will be amazed and end with your brain fried.

Nine Minutes is about Grizz, the president of an outlaw MC who kidnapped Ginny when she was a teen. Yes yes lots of taboo and dark here. But for as much as he was a killer and feared by everyone Grizz adored Ginny and would have gladly died for her. Together they had a daughter Miriam alias Mimi.

Anthony is a Native American, friend since childhood with Grizz and he ran another MC club for years. He went into landscaping when he met or rather kidnapped (yes, he too) Christy who would later become his wife. They had two sons Slade then Christian and a daughter Daisy.

Oh I forgot to say that Anthony’s name was Bear.

Yes Grizz and Bear I KNOW!


Tethered Souls is about Mimi and Christian.

The kids have their story and I AM SO HAPPY! *sorry lots of shouting here as I tend to be passionate and vocal when I really love a story*.


Something very important to know about this story is that it is about a VERY passionate man, VERY determined to have his woman and a strong independent but really lovable young woman.


Christian Bear is your dream came true if you love bad boy who don’t have a dark heart but “just” love crossing lines. Christian is hotheaded. That could be his middle name. Christian Hotheaded Bear. How does it sound?

Well he is not only hotheaded and determined he is also hot as in sexy as sin. He’s left a trail of broken heart but he could not care less.

Since he’s been a kid the one owning his heart is Mimi.

Push pause now.

Some of the sweetest and swooniest (I know the word did not exist I just invented it because it’s fitting and because I can) scenes were the countless weddings. Imagine two kids from age five and six playing at getting married time and time again. With a ring from the slot machine and Christian’s shirt as veil. You are sighing and have starry eyes! Yes, I’ve seen it!!!!! Don’t pretend otherwise you’re not fooling me.

Suffice to say that when Mimi had to disappear with her family to protect Grizz’s resurrection Christian was devastated. And when Christian is hurting he is angry. And when he is angry he goes into trouble landing him in prison for three years.


Now that he is out of prison he enrolls the help of a geeky friend to track Mimi. No more missed opportunity! He will kidnap her. He wants HIS woman and he is determined to have her. Like father like son…He thinks that she’ll be in his bed within a day like every other woman. Ha! Yes he is deluded as Mimi is strong willed and is not afraid of Christian.

Of course that’s because deep down she juts KNOWS that Christian would never hurt her.


I will stop here with the plot as I don’t want to spoil your fun.

Now when you’ll read Tethered Souls you will:

-swoon. They are both too cute together. They were meant to be and it was time Fate (and other people) stopped conspiring against them!

fawn yourself as Christian is Uber Alpha, protective, hot and sexy.

rake your brain to know who “The Ghost” is (Beth you tricked me here as I never guessed!). To guess who is spying on them.

rejoice because Grizz is back! And because Slade will go out of his shell and let his true self known.

go all mother hen when you’ll learn Mimi’s secrets (Beth you did not spare the girl here! My heart broke for her).

want to kick some butts because men are not the worse here! Jealous women can be really ugly.

pray for one more epilogue with more kids maybe? As in “Christmas at the Bear family ten years later”. Can you do it Beth? Maybe publish it around Thanksgiving or Christmas as your gift? Pretty please with a cherry on top?

hope that the next story will be about Slade. Is it about Slade Beth?


You did really good Beth! Coming of age love story and all! I floved it once again 😊

Recommend it? Heck YES! But try to read the other books in the series before as to enjoy it completely.


Thank you Beth for my ARC!

Have you read any books by Beth Flynn?

Thanks for reading!


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  1. OMG fantastic review Sophie! I have been excited about this book ever since I read this blurb and saw the cover on FB, and we both know how big a sucker I am for covers lol. Seriously, you’re review has me salivating. Do I need to read the other books to enjoy this?

    1. Honestly I would read the others to enjoy it fully even if you technically could read it as a stand alone but …

  2. Gah…Nine Minutes has been on my TBR forever, I just haven’t had time to read it yet!! I’ve gotta get to it so I can read this one because it sounds AWESOME!