Full synopsis yet to come closer to the release date in January 2023 and cover not revealed yet!

“When hunting for secrets during the London season, there is really only one place to go…”

The Agency for Scandal “ secrets are their business”


4,5 stars

This is a charming read, reminiscing of Bridgerton with the added bonus of a women secret services.

I won the advanced reading copy from Scholastic at YALC and was very curious about the book.

What I read was a story centered around a very courageous girl Isobel or Izzy of 18 years old, descending from a noble family whose dead father left her family with no money.
As Izzy’s mother suffers from very poor health and her brother is only eight years old, she needs to find a mean to provide for her family.
Having learned from her father to pick locks, she’ll be recruited by a women’s secret agency directed by Mrs Finch.

I must say that I loved the concept of women fending for other women!
At that time, in 1897, women were always the propriety of men, be they father, brother or husband. And abuses were not uncommon. The Aviary fought to restore some justice to women who had been spoiled by the ones who were meant to protect them.

Isobel being described as a grey mouse or a wallflower (according to her) and having the connections of an ancient noble family was perfect for the job of spying and infiltrating high society. Needless to say that her talent for picking locks was a huge asset!

One day, the women from the Aviary will be tasked to protect a woman whose husband was very influential and they’ll uncover a sinister plot with blackmail and murder!

On her mission, Izzy will save the Duke of Roxton, Max Vane, a very handsome and dashing young man who has been in Izzy’s fantasies for months!

Follow an adventure filled with secrets, dangers, action and romance all on a Bridgerton feel background.

I read that book in nearly one go, having a very good time following our brave Isobel in her tribulation to restore justice while lusting over our duke!

Read this book if you want something with a fluid writing and charming intrigue. 

Thanks for reading!


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