THE CHATEAU: AN ORIGINAL SINNERS NOVEL As the Jack-of-All-Wicked-Trades for a secretive French military intelligence agency, 24-year-old Lieutenant Kingsley Boissonneault has done it all—spied, lied, and killed under orders. But his latest assignment is quite out of the ordinary. His commanding officer’s nephew has disappeared inside a sex cult, and Kingsley has been tasked with bringing him home to safety.

The cult’s holy book is Story of O, the infamous French novel of extreme sado-masochism. Their château is a looking-glass world where women reign and men are their willing slaves. Or are they willing? It’s Kingsley’s mission to find out.

Once inside the château, however, Kingsley quickly falls under the erotic spell cast by the enigmatic Madame, a woman of wisdom, power, and beauty. She offers Kingsley the one thing he’s always wanted. But the price? Giving up forever the only person he’s ever loved.

The Chateau is a new standalone Original Sinners novel from international bestseller Tiffany Reisz, author of The Siren and The Lucky Ones.




4,5 very surprising stars knowing that I don’t relish in erotic novels!

The best way to sum it up is by using this quote from Tiffany’s interview:

“This book was much easier to write than The Lucky Ones. With Kingsley, all you have to do is conjure him up and drop him into a weird situation and you’ll have fun as a reader and a writer. The pitch was, “Kingsley goes on an erotic adventure inside a femme-domme cult.” The story pretty much wrote itself. It’s James Bond with blow jobs, BDSM, and an angst-ridden bisexual hero still in love with his ex-boyfriend.”

I am a total newbie to the Original Sinners world. I may have begun inadvertently with the beginning as this story is about young Kingsley. Pre-Sinners Kingsley.

I had “only” read The Bourbon Thief and The Lucky Ones by Tiffany Reisz so far. I have been smitten by these books and honestly they are more my cup of tea than erotic. So why did I read it you say? Because I had no idea what it was about but it was recommended by my friend Angy. And I trust Angy. With my life. So I went in totally blind. I hadn’t read the blurb mind you!

Verdict: even if The Chateau is an erotic book hence not my favorite genre I took a real pleasure reading it. Yes, yes I know pleasure is the point in erotic don’t make me regret using this word please!

I blame Tiffany’s writing and Kingsley’s personality to make me enjoy that story much more than I usually do!

Tiffany has an effortless writing. All is easy, flows at the right pace and use sophisticated terms like exquisite without being pompous.

Tiffany has also a knack in this story to add dry humor and sarcasm. I loved the banter between Kingsley and Bernie. Bernie seemed so innocent and naïve it made me laugh and wonder how he coul have been enrolled in a secret organization. Until I reached the end that is because Bernie is not who you think he is.

Now Kingsley ….is my friend’s Angy’s favorite book boyfriend and I can understand his appeal.
Kingsley in this novel is boyish, rakish, exquisitely handsome (see I can use big words in my reviews too), playful yet deadly. He should come with a warning as no hot-blooded woman will be able to resist him!
Kingsley is sent by his superiors on an even more unofficial than usual mission. Find his boss’s nephew who has been indoctrinated by a sex cult and bring him back to his family.
What begins as an enter and extract mission will turn into a psychological thriller.

To enter Kingsley will have first to meet Madame’s expectations and tricky tests.

“Many men have tried to find me,” she said. “They never find me.” “I don’t want to find you,” Kingsley said. “Tell me who you want to find,” she said. Kingsley closed his eyes tight and returned to his dream. “I want to find me,” he said at last.

Kingsley will discover many things about who he is in The Chateau and it will rather be a “personal journey” story than a spy book.

Madame is the Chateau’s commander and she can be scary even wearing Gucci! When I read:

“Workers in ancient Rome were paid with salt. It’s where we get the word ‘salary.’ In my home, salt is still the official currency. Blood. Tears. Sweat. Semen. Choose one. That’s how you’ll pay me for taking you in.”

I was all “Holy Molly! They don’t play around in this Chateau!”

By the last chapter written in the present time I could not avoid thinking that Kingsley had a very weird life and unusual family! But this is already known by all Original Sinners fans.

To conclude I’d like to say that The Chateau opened my eyes on Sadists world or rather the twisted way they have to show their affection.
Madame says it all:

“He tied you up to tell you he never wanted you to leave him. He bit you because you were the food to his soul. He struck you to mark you as his possession, as a valuable he would want returned to him if lost or stolen. That’s why you miss it, Kingsley. That’s why you miss the pain. Because every time he hurt you, he was trying to tell you in the only way he could how much he loved you.”

It was highly enlightening about BDSM practices.

Recommend it? Yes if you are an Original Sinner’s fan or if you like very exquisitely written erotic books.


Out of the blue: when I was looking for pictures with “erotic” or “BDSM” etc. it was nearly 99% pictures with women. Why is that? MM literature is exploding but it seems there is still a long way to go to have society follow with this idea. Can’t picture with men or two men be erotic????


Have you ever been surprised by a book that you thought you wouldn’t like?

Thanks for reading!


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    1. Hahaha thank you Daisy! But it’s true when I was looking for a picture on Pixabay about erotica I always got pic with women! Why not the men too??? We see exy hunks on covers all the time!