Series audiobook review (book 1 to 5)

4 very serious stars for the whole audiobooks

I breezed through these five audiobooks in two weeks!

That series is highly entertaining! We follow Frances, an American heiress that her mother married to an English earl.
Only once married, her husband hid her in the countryside while spending her money with his lovers.
The first book opens on Frances being awakened by one of her guests as her husband died of a heart attack in his mistress’s room!
Now they have to move his naked body to his room to avoid the scandal.
That will happen thanks to George Hazelton, another guest and Frances best friend’s brother.

Now widowed for one year Frances decides to buy a house in London and leave her in laws to live there with her daughter Rose.
Surprise surprise, her neighbor is none other than George Hazelton!

From that moment on, in every book, there will be a crime and Frances will one way or another be linked to said crime.
Thanks to her intelligence, knowledge of human nature and social convention she will solve the crime. Every time she’ll be helped by the dashing George who is working for the Crown.

I really loved trying to solve these mysteries alongside our Victorian Miss Marple! Frances has poise, class, an excellent upbringing and is very astute and observant.
From meek wife of a Lord to an adventurous and mischievous young widow dead set on solving crimes, we will see Frances literally blooming!

We will also enjoy Frances family and friends. From her smart aunt Eddie, investor extraordinaire to Frances frightening mother, her father calculating the odds of someone being the killer ..we have great side characters to add many layers to the story and keep it moving at a brisk pace.

I warmly recommend that one if you love cozy mysteries and historical fiction happening in the Victorian era.

Last but not least, the narrators were excellent.Β 

Thanks for reading.


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  1. I’ve not come across these before, but it sounds like such a light and fun series! It seems like Frances really comes into her own and starts living her best life. πŸ™‚ so glad you enjoyed these, Sophie!