From the nationally bestselling author of The Guncle comes the much-anticipated sequel, in which Patrick O’Hara is called back to his guncle duties…at a big, family wedding in Lake Como, Italy.

Patrick O’Hara is finally in a league of his own…professionally. Inspired by his stint as Grant and Maisie’s caretaker after their mother’s passing, Patrick has “un-stalled” his acting career with sit-com, Guncle Knows Best . Still, some things have had to take a back seat. Looking down both barrels at fifty, Patrick is single and lonely after breaking things off with Emory. But at least he has family, right?
When his brother Greg announces his big, second wedding in Lake Como, Italy, Patrick feels pulled toward Grant and Maisie and flies to Europe to attend the lavish event, only to butt heads with a newfound Launt (Lesbian Aunt), curb his sister Clara from flirting with guests, and desperately restore himself to the favored relative status in the eyes of the kids, as they struggle to adjust to a new normal. But is it Patrick’s job to save the day? Or is simply celebrating love enough to quell the family chaos?
Gracing the page with his signature blend of humor and heart, Steven Rowley delivers the long-awaited sequel to a beloved story, all about the complicated bonds of family, love, and what it takes to rediscover yourself, even at the ripe age of fifty.


Many thanks for the free book @PRHInternational , I had a blast getting back to GUP (Gay Uncle Patrick) also known as the Guncle (the gay uncle) ‘s world!

I loved the Guncle when it published in the pandemic and was delighted to get approved for that advanced reading copy!

The Guncle Abroad is still a perfect blend of tenderness, introspection and humor!

We follow Patrick, five years after The Guncle ended. He had made a brilliant come back and re launched his career but he also just broke up with Emory.

Nearing fifty, Patrick is nostalgic and a little bit afraid of what life has in store for an aging gay uncle.

Yet with Greg’s upcoming marriage with Livia a marchesa from a wealthy family, Patrick won’t have too much time to reflect on his future as he’ll once again have to manage a crisis!

Maisie is now a broody and petulant fifteen years old and Grant an ordinary eleven years old glued to his console. They are opposed to their dad’s remarriage and it’s up to Patrick to convince them to give Livia a chance.

GUP will embark them on a European tour, imparting  guncle love rules!

From hot chocolate in Paris to improvised musical in Austria ending at lake Como at an extravagant palace, Patrick will have to convince his “nibblings” of the merits of love all while facing an unexpected challenger to the title of favorite relative with the lesbian aunt or “launt” Palmina!

It’s funny (especially the rivalry between Patrick and classy Palmina), surprisingly insightful and extremely easy to read! I wouldn’t mind a third book in the series, maybe about grown up Maisie and her first love, just to see how GUP would give her some of his wisdom again!

Thanks for reading!


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