The Honey Witch of Innisfree can never find true love. That is her curse to bear. But when a young woman who doesn’t believe in magic arrives on her island, sparks fly in this deliciously sweet debut novel of magic, hope, and love overcoming all.
Twenty-one-year-old Marigold Claude has always preferred the company of the spirits of the meadow to any of the suitors who’ve tried to woo her. So when her grandmother whisks her away to the family cottage on the tiny Isle of Innisfree with an offer to train her as the next Honey Witch, she accepts immediately. But her newfound magic and independence come with a No one can fall in love with the Honey Witch.
When Lottie Burke, a notoriously grumpy skeptic who doesn’t believe in magic, shows up on her doorstep, Marigold can’t resist the challenge to prove to her that magic is real. But soon, Marigold begins to care for Lottie in ways she never expected. And when darker magic awakens and threatens to destroy her home, she must fight for much more than her new home—at the risk of losing her magic and her heart.


4,5 stars

The Honey Witch is what I would call a sapphic regency fantasy. If that sub genre does not exist yet well consider it created with that book!

In this story we follow Marigold, a young woman who has never found her place in the world her loving and wealthy family is living in.

She doesn’t want to marry, she doesn’t want to be owned by a man and make babies. No she loves running in meadows under the blue moon. She also sees things no one else does.

So when her grandmother she hasn’t seen since childhood comes with the groundbreaking news that she is a Honey Witch, it feels like freedom!

Everything is clicking into place and Marigold will joyfully follow her grandmother to Innisfree, that magical recluse island, to learn her role as a Honey Witch, protector of the land and its creatures.

But of course this would make for a too easy story if we didn’t have a villain: the Ash Witch who cursed the Honey Witches to never know love and be loved!

Add to the mix a beautiful but very sceptic young woman Lottie, who doesn’t believe in magic making it Marigold’s mission to open her eyes. And what if there is attraction there too…

The Honey Witch is filled with beauty and effortless writing. I could feel the rain on my skin, soaking my hair. I could hear bees buzzing, I could see bright yellow flowers basking in the sun. 

It had a steady pace, not hurried but not too slow, just perfect for the story to unfurl to its full potential, driving us to a big drama and then…

The characters are very lovable most very charming even if Lottie is prickly and does her best to keep you at arm’s length!

If you love regency fantasy with beautiful writing, great diversity and a dash of sapphic romance this is your book!

Thanks for reading.


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