Beckett,If you’re reading this, well, you know the last-letter drill. You made it. I didn’t. Get off the guilt train, because I know if there was any chance you could have saved me, you would have.

I need one thing from you: get out of the army and get to Telluride.

My little sister Ella’s raising the twins alone. She’s too independent and won’t accept help easily, but she has lost our grandmother, our parents, and now me. It’s too much for anyone to endure. It’s not fair.

And here’s the kicker: there’s something else you don’t know that’s tearing her family apart. She’s going to need help.

So if I’m gone, that means I can’t be there for Ella. I can’t help them through this. But you can. So I’m begging you, as my best friend, go take care of my sister, my family.

Please don’t make her go through it alone.





4,5 “you’ll need tissues” stars



“Sometimes bad things happen. And there’s no blame to be placed. You can’t reason with the universe, no matter how sound your logic is. And we can either breathe through the pain or we can let it shape us.


Emotional rollercoaster!

The kids were fantastic, Ella was an incredibly courageous mom, Beckett was just perfect (no way such devotion and dedication exist else where can I meet such fine male specimen?), Havoc was my doggy superstar and my box of tissues is now empty!

This was a very quick rundown of what my thoughts were while reading this beautiful and dramatic story.

Now let’s give some meat to that review without spoiling your fun.

From the synopsis you’ve guessed that someone has asked Beckett to take care of Ella. That someone is her brother.
He told Beckett she would fight him even if she needed him.
Well Ella did. Fight him. And need him.

Because what Ella had to go through was the most awful things that could happen
And she went through it for months! And no woman or man should be alone to face that ordeal. Yet Ella did and she was so strong!
Anyone would have crumpled.
But not her.

And when Beckett wanted to help her she pushed him away. Because why bother relying on a man when they all left her right?

Yet Beckett was nothing if not persistent! He would have run through fire for Ella or the kids.  In this story Beckett danced to Ella’s tune.
He came second. Always.

And that’s why I was sometimes mad at Ella. Because as good as her reasons for mistrusting I still thought she was frozen in her resentment. Yet I knew she was simply still grieving all these losses. She was afraid to be hurt again. And she wanted to protect her kids.

But hey, what can I say?
I was team Beckett all along. And I hated to see him hurting
. That man who carried so much guilt. That man who had always been alone. That man who did not think he was loveable. That man who …


Beckett was just fantastic and each time he protected and cared for the kids my heart just fell for him further. Gosh! So many time did it feel like my heart was caught in a vise when Beckett wanted acted like a dad to these fantastic and brave kids!

I don’t know you but I am a sucker for single parent stories. And when the kids are “done” just right, all cute, honest, blunt and brave I JUST MELT!!!!

“Is this what it feels like?” he whispered so quietly that I leaned down. “What it feels like?” I asked. “Having a dad?”

And don’t start me on the “graduation scene”!!! I cried in the train (yes once again) and did all that I could to hide my tears behind my semi long hair!!!!


This book teaches that you don’t need to be a soldier to be a warrior. Moms can be brave and spectacular.

Kids can be the bravest of superheroes.


Don’t read this expecting fluffy and light. Because it tells you that life can be a b*tch sometimes and there is no rhyme no reasons.


Recommend it? Absolutely if you are looking for gorgeous stories bashing your little heart again and again. If you hate angsty reads …abstain!


Let’s chat: do you like rollercoaster reads? Single parent stories? Ugly Cry? Or do you shy away?

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I’m not a huge fan of angsty reads, but this does sound like a great story. Depends on how much Ella will frustrate me. I’ll have to look into this more. Wonderful review Sophie! 🙂

  2. OMG, Sophie, I actually started getting teary just reading your review… what the heck am I going to be like actually reading the book?! Gah! My copy was delivered yesterday (I even dashed home during lunch to nab the package from my front porch) but I don’t think I’m ready to start it just yet. I need to be ready for the ones that are going to make me an emotional mess. Hopefully next week…

  3. Oh this is definitely not for me, I’m a big crier and would be depressed beyond belief xD But I’m glad it was an emotional rollercoaster for you and you enoyed it, Sophie 🙂