The Night Blossoms by Leylah Attar is now live! 

New York Times bestselling author Leylah Attar returns with a page-turning romantic suspense/thriller that careens down an emotional highway toward a chilling finale. Dark, thrilling, and ingeniously unpredictable.

“Do you ever really know someone, or do you just know the parts they want you to see?”

When her husband goes missing after a heated argument, Vee Roza finds herself caught in a dangerous web of deceit.

Not only must Vee clear her name and uncover the truth about Rafael, but also survive a high-risk pregnancy while guarding secrets of her own.

Is Rafael’s disappearance the ultimate betrayal or the ultimate sacrifice?

A full-length standalone based on a supporting character from the New York Times bestseller, The Paper Swan.

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” If we had to process the entire spectrum of the visible and invisible light to detect a tiger in front of us, we’d be dead. So for our own good, our senses are pared down. We don’t see what really is, we see what we need to. That makes reality a magnificent illusion, based solely on our perceptions.”

4,5 stars

A “magnificent illusion” is what that book is.

For the first time ever, I nearly DNFed one of Leylah Attar books.
Because she has written such an illusion that she had me believe it was going a way I usually hate in books.
Told between past and present, alternating between Vee and Rafael’s POV, we begin with their fight.
And after their fight, Rafael leaves the house and…disappear.
Cue in Rafael’s past in Mexico with his papa working for the mafia and Aunt Tia fostering a young girl, dressed as a bumblebee and Rafael’ s first love: Lina.

All along, we’ll try to solve the mystery of Rafael’s disappearance while peering in his and Vee’s life and going back to his past time and again.

I loved the mystery but not Rafael’s past for reasons I won’t reveal here. Let’s just say it was part of the illusion Leylah created as a mastermind.

But this story being written by Leylah Attar, I couldn’t believe this would be what she wanted us to believe it was. And I persevered.
And slowly, all the pieces of the puzzle began to make sense. And as the end was near, I had solved most of the mystery and I thought:” But this is brilliant!”.

Rafael’s love for Vee was all encompassing.

” You are not to blame. When you cry, my whole world turns dark. You are my life, my hope, my home. If my life ended tomorrow, I would look for you again and again, in every lifetime.”

That’s why it hurt so much that doubt that Leylah planted in my mind and heart!

But if Rafael is seen as the main protagonist, from all the chapters about the past, it truly Vee who is the strongest of them both!

Three things happen when a woman’s world is set ablaze: she runs, she burns down with it, or she rises on wings of fire.”
And needless to say that Vee rose on wings of fire!

Written with an exquisite finesse and a devilish maestria, this romantic suspense will have your mind spinning and will send you on a goose chase.
If you have certain triggers in books, persevere because I promise it will be wort it!

Leylah Attar is back with a bang! 

Meet Leylah

Leylah Attar is a New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of contemporary romance and women’s fiction. A recipient of the Writer’s Digest Award (for Moti on the Water) and the Indie Reader Discovery Award (for Mists of The Serengeti), Leylah writes unique, emotionally compelling stories that range from rom-com to dark romantic suspense.

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