An overworked book publicist with a perfectly planned future hits a snag when she falls in love with her temporary roommate…only to discover he lives seven years in the past, in this witty and wise new novel from the New York Times bestselling author of The Dead Romantics.

Sometimes, the worst day of your life happens, and you have to figure out how to live after it.

So Clementine forms a plan to keep her heart safe: work hard, find someone decent to love, and try to remember to chase the moon. The last one is silly and obviously metaphorical, but her aunt always told her that you needed at least one big dream to keep going. And for the last year, that plan has gone off without a hitch. Mostly. The love part is hard because she doesn’t want to get too close to anyone—she isn’t sure her heart can take it.

And then she finds a strange man standing in the kitchen of her late aunt’s apartment. A man with kind eyes and a Southern drawl and a taste for lemon pies. The kind of man that, before it all, she would’ve fallen head-over-heels for. And she might again.

Except, he exists in the past. Seven years ago, to be exact. And she, quite literally, lives seven years in his future.

Her aunt always said the apartment was a pinch in time, a place where moments blended together like watercolors. And Clementine knows that if she lets her heart fall, she’ll be doomed.

After all, love is never a matter of time—but a matter of timing.

Audiobook Review

This was my first Ashley Poston’s book and that won’t be my last.

What’s that book about in a nutshell?

This is the romance between Clementine, at a crossroad in her life, and Iwan, a young aspiring chef. They should never have met, living seven years apart, but a magical appartment had them meet in a time slip.

What did that book make me feel ?

  1. A thirst for life and travel

Clementine is a travel publicist. That job choice was born from her traveling the world with he aunt. Both women embarked on adventures every year, filling their passports with stamps and discovering new countries all the time.

“I loved how a book, a story, a set of words in a sentence organized in the exact right order, made you miss places you’ve never visited, and people you’ve never met.”

Something her wonderful aunt ingrained in Clementine is to enjoy the present. Everything is ephemeral in life so just make the most of it.

“Nothing lasts forever. Not the good things, not the bad. So just find what makes you happy, and do it for as long as you can.”


Another rule to follow was also to never fall in love in her aunt’s appartment because said love would be doomed from the start. A rule Clementine will break when discovering that handsome and charming stranger.

One day, back from work, Clementine will find Iwan whom her aunt allowed to stay for some weeks in her home while traveling. But she quickly realizes that Iwan and her are seven years apart. He exists in the past and her aunt’s magical appartment allowed that slip.

Iwan is passionate about food and dreams of becoming a great chef to make his grand father proud.

With sad eyes, a sexy smile and a passion for food, Iwan will capture Clementine’s heart.

But then, why didn’t he find her in the future ?

The romance was very well executed. Very romantic you could say, filled with passion, banter but also gravitas. Bitter sweet. Angsty sometimes and yet not too much which contended me deeply !

3.Grief and sadness

But don’t be fooled, that book is certainly not a romcom as it’s heavy with grief.

Be warned if it’s a trigger for you but Clementine is grieving the loss of her aunt something fierce.

“Sometimes the people you loved left you halfway through a story. Sometimes they left you without a goodbye. And, sometimes, they stayed around in little ways. In the memory of a musical. In the smell of their perfume. In the sound of the rain, and the itch for adventure, and the yearning for that liminal space between one airport terminal and the next. I hated her for leaving, and I loved her for staying as long as she could. And I would never wish this pain on anyone.”

Ashley Poston has been intimate with grief and you can feel it deep in your bones. The way Clementine talks about death, about loss felt absolutely authentic.

“There was something just so reassuring about books. They had beginnings and middles and ends, and if you didn’t like a part, you could skip to the next chapter. If someone died, you could stop on the last page before, and they’d live on forever. Happy endings were definite, evils defeated, and the good lasted forever.”

To conclude I would say : read this book if you love :

-romance ;

-magical realism ;

-well-fleshed characters ;

-original concept ;

-endearing and supportive side characters (Clementine and Iwan’s friends) ;

-transformative stories ;

-heavy topics.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. Thanks for sharing. The books seems to be getting great reviews but I haven’t picked it up yet.. I have a problem with time travel.. it just never makes sense to me. Too many time space continuity loopholes.