The Silver Cord, a companion novel to The Silver Cage, travels back in time to tell the story of Caleb Bright and Jamie Foust. The ill-fated lovers meet as young boys and form a powerful, inseparable bond, which shapes their teenage years and forever alters their adulthoods. This haunting, tragic romance brings Caleb’s past to life and sheds light on his tortured future. The Silver Cord is a full-length novel at 63,000 words. It can be read as a standalone.

WARNING: The Silver Cord is intended for mature readers 18+. It contains graphic descriptions of sex and a mild trigger warning for rape and self-harm.

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I promise to keep this spoiler free not only for The Silver Cord but also for The Silver Cage


5 “I needed closure” stars

“He came to me when I was a child. We were both children and therein lay the danger. It is in the blue mist of youth that the legends of our whole life are born. Whatever we come to love in those years—whatever we read or hear, whomever we admire or idolize—haunts us to death. For me, it was that boy. He was my soul’s totem, a guide outside of morality. I followed him until the end.”


To better understand this review I advise you to read The Silver Cage’s review HERE

First of all I want to thank Anonymous not only for gifting me this book but also for giving me closure.

The Silver Cage left me bereft. It was like an open wound that would never close. I was revolted, angry, upset…I could not comprehend why it was wrong. Why it was sick. Why it had to be like that.

When I began The Silver Cord I already knew the ending as this is a companion novel to The Silver Cage. It travels back in time to Caleb’s youth.
I thought I would be destroyed again never imagining it would be just what I needed to end what I could compare to grieving. I am at peace….finally.

It is still profoundly unfair.
It is still immensely sad.
It is still incredibly well written.
It is still utterly beautiful.
But above all else revisiting Caleb’s story, delving once more in his psyche, in his faith being a key component of who he IS gave me a better understanding and acceptance of what would unfold.


From the first sentences I was into the story and could find “My” Caleb back. He already had a fire, a presence, a charisma. Religion plays a key role again in this story, being its very own character. Bathing in a faith that condemned what he wanted was stifling. Caleb loved his faith and would not have it any other way yet instead of elating him it shunned his true self. Constantly battling against his true nature was exhausting. I could not imagine living years and years hiding such secret, denying my body and soul what they truly needed.

I described Caleb in “The Silver Cage” like ” a dark predator. A wild animal prowling, circling innocent preys.”

The Silver Cord is your “before” and shows a younger Caleb very different. It was before he had been destroyed by life.

In “The Silver Cord” Caleb has a deep protective instinct. He was the strong one. Always placing Jamie above anything else. Soft and sweet Jamie was his Achille’s heel.

“He was shy. I was outgoing. He disliked—even seemed to resent—sharing his ideas with others. I was charismatic. He enjoyed painting, cooking, and playing computer games. I preferred being outdoors and fitness.”

I delighted in reading about Caleb and Jamie’s youth. Their innocence. Their evidence.
I learned all the important details about their relationship. It grew with the kids and morphed into a powerful bond never to be broken till the very end.

I kept this spoiler free and maybe vague as I want everyone to dive in this book duet completely blind.

To be enjoyed…

No that’s not a word I would use for reading these…

To be affected the way it should you have to read The Silver Cage first.
Because I want you to be changed and hurt like I’ve been.
Because there is beauty in this pain.

I don’t know who the author is but I bet I would recognize his prose among any other.
Anonymous has an elegant yet incredibly efficient writing. He will use all the right words to make you experience this story down to your bone marrow. Yet not one unnecessary word will be used. It is indomitable. Like a surgeon’s scalpel. It will cut you open and won’t let you hide behind false pretense.

You just have to live this story. Just like Caleb and Jamie had to live it.

With the joy, the elation but also the fury, the disgust and the guilt.


Recommend it? It is a MUST read if you have read The Silver Cage and if you haven’t yet, what are you waiting for?


Have you read these books yet? Did I convince you to give them a chance?

Thanks for reading!


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  1. aww this book sounds simply wonderful for you. I am really intrigued especially with all those quotes that you shared. I don’t mind spoilers but I know many don’t like spoilers but thanks anyway for the spoiler free review.

  2. I was about to read your review, then realized I haven’r read The Silver Cage yet Thank god for a spoiler free review. I’m conflicted whether read this book or not. I’m scared I won’t survive the heart-ache.