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It’s Sunday again! The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted here @ Caffeinated Reviewer.

Time to look back on my week and talk about life events and blog related news.

Personal life first

Well several things happened this week: my son had a test to enter the army and if he can enter he would not be allowed in a fighting squad ue to his allergies. Let me tell you this was a big disappointment for him and us. He has dreamt defending his country for years now. It is his calling and being told he would do only logistics or technical functions was a big let down.

Time to digest the news. He wants to try desensitization (again) and have a year learning security before trying again.

I had an important meeting with international big whip and it went really well so yes I am relieved.

What else… oh yes big fight at Sophie’s house today as I explained with my music post. Making kids is easy but they NEVER come with the userguide. My colleagues use to tell me “small kids small problems, big kids big problems “and they were SO right!

Don’t worry our fights never get physical but think “Italian House” with shouting, drama queen and drama king, cupboards clanking and stomping out of the house.

Now the good news is spring has come!!!! We had 92 ° F or 28° Celsius!!! Nearly summer. And next week we should go down to 55°F. But that’s my country for you!


On the blog

I read and reviewed several books ranging from smut (a very rare occurence for me) to poetry .…Yes a girl has to have diverse tastes 😀 . If you want to read the review just click on the picture.

Chaser by Kylie Scott (reviewed today) 4 stars

 Inrepid by Keri Lake:4 stars

Off Limits by Lexy Lane: Personal taste 2,5 stars fans of smut 4 stars.

One Good Man by Emma Scott: 4,5 stars (my favorite of the week)

I began to read poetry written by a friend and it’s really … intense and thouthgful. Sad too. Hard.


Now I seem to enjoy doing more and more meme and I know I have tags and awards to complete too… and I will (positive thinking, make it happen and all that jazz!!!)

Top 5 Tuesday books I didn’t like others loved: https://bewareofthereader.com/top-5-books-i-didnt-like-others-loved-part-2/


WWW Wednesday: https://bewareofthereader.com/www-wednesday-april-18th/


Friday Favs with some book scene illustrated with a song. It’s Trisy’s idea @bobosbookbank. These are from Birthady Girl by Penelope Douglas and some good ol’ Bruce Springsteen! https://bewareofthereader.com/friday-favs-my-answer-to-trisy-with-two-songs-from-birthday-girl/

First impression hosted by Joe at   https://bewareofthereader.com/first-impression-on-all-the-little-lights-by-jamie-mcguire-04-20-18/  Read my prediction about All The Little Lights by Jamie McGuire


And other bloggers are really creative in their posts! My favorite of the week is a bit provocative….Evelina is asking if we are creating too much content and if we should not refrain and just go look at what others are posting.

[Discussion] Do We Create Too Much Content?


That’s it for this week. Next week on the blog will have one more meme by Dani “Perspective of a Writer” and hopefully my second Bookstagram 101 with some more reviews.

Was your week a good one?

Happy Sunday!


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  1. Ohno .. sad to hear your son couldn’t have his dreams come true for now, hopefully desensitization would help him in this way ! This is something I didn’t knew could happen (to be denied due to allergies)

    yay for spring !! starting to get heat here too, we got up to 20 celcius yesterday !! Having 17° planned for today, not your 28 but hey, i’ll take it !
    Ah, somehow I missed this post of Evelina’s.. Thank you, i’ll go check that now !

  2. Sounds like my house, and we’re not Italian either! Disappointment is so tough with the kiddos, and my daughter had a somewhat similar incident but with athletics! We focused on ‘ok, so what’s your plan B’ and finally worked through it. She actually ended up with an even better love from it! I am SO behind on everything lately but slowly working through it!

    1. Hahaha it’s comforting that it happens in other houses Daisy! And I’m happy that your daughter ended up better! I am also behind but I just try to ignore it and catch up slowly 😉 Good luck!

  3. Sounds like you need to take a minute to RELAX, LOL! (if only it were that easy, right??) One of the mottos that I live by? You live and you learn and that’s just as true whether you’re twelve or forty! Hope your week goes better my friend!

  4. I’m sorry about your son. I hope things work out for him. i’m glad the meeting went well. “small kids small problems, big kids big problems” oh gosh even though my kids are 6,5,4 I still feel like we have a ton of screaming matches, doors slamming etc. especially with my oldest and youngest. I’m not looking forward to them getting older.

    Yay for good weather! We’ve been in the 80s-90s over here so I’ve sent the kids outside more and more so they can get away from the TV and tablets and enjoy the sun.

    I hope you have a wonderful week!

    Tina @ As Told By Tina

    1. Thank you Tina! And I saw that you got your share of problems with the lices! They were my nightmare with the tons of washing that had to be done! Have a great week <3

  5. Sorry to hear that there was disappointing news for your son. Who knows, perhaps he’ll fall in love with what he loves in security training…or an opportunity opens up next year! I just hope things work out for the best 🙂 Congrats on your meeting! Hope you have a great week!

  6. Italian family here..we love hard and fight loud. I am sorry for your son. Our son broke his wrist and has pins he did not pass physical. Poor kid tried other branches but it was not meant to be. I hope your week is delightful but I am so jelly of your weather. I am a summer girl.

    1. Hi Kimberly so your son wanted to go to the army too? That’s too bad but I guess as you say it was not meant to be… I’m sending you some spring 😉

  7. Evelina writes some fabulous posts. I always smile when I visit! It’s so true about small and big kid problems. LOL Lots of drama as they get older. Nice weather you’re having too. We had a nice cool day yesterday and now it’s getting sticky and warm again. I do love the heat!

    My Sunday Post

  8. We have a house like that with the fights and we are Irish/Polish/British soooo… It’s not just your house. Sorry about your son’s letdown. Interesting that he chose the military. My daughters toyed with the idea but don’t want to do it. That must be a hard thing for a mother. Well, have a great week and happy reading!

    Mary my #Sunday Roundup #15!

    1. Hi Mary so you are fighting too? LOL And yes it’s hard to see him let his dream go. Happy reading to you too!

  9. Aw sorry to hear about your son- hope everything works out in that area. And yay for spring! It’s finally starting to warm here too and I’m all for it. 🙂

  10. Oh I’m sorry about your son – and to hear about the fights, thankfully it doesn’t get physical haha. I hope you will all have a better week! <3 <3 I'm also thrilled that spring has finally come, it's about time, we needed some sunshine haha 🙂 x

  11. Always love the catch ups. Sorry about your son’s news but it sounds like he has a good head on his shoulders and the right attitude to maybe make it work again next year.

    1. Well Jay that’s called growing up and facing failure just to do better next time . Thank you!!!