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The Sunday post is a weekly meme hosted @Caffeinated Reviewer. Time to look back on my week and talk about life events and blog related news.


Personal news first

I am finally doing some Sunday Post!

The end of the school year has been hectic here and I was just trying to rest on the weekend, get my bearing again. My son has to retake two exams in his last year of high school end August in the hope of getting his diploma. It was a battle with school with me running back and forth from principal to teacher as I thought some teacher was unfair or at least just gave their lessons without really trying to teach but just talk. Well what’s done is done now and we will try to help him succeed in oder to write a new chapter of his life.

At work it was not better with one colleague leaving our team and us having to work twice more to compensate. Add to it an unexpected problem that had to be tackled and I was really stressed. Back home I had no energy to blog much for the first time in 16 months!

But now the good news is: I am on holiday!!!!!

For three weeks I’ll get to rest and enjoy the family. Read, do some sport, blog and leave for a few days in London as I will attend YALC London (Young Adult Literature Convention) with my daughter.

We will now work on planning everything and I will write at least one if not more posts about this event!

If you plan to attend, just let me know as we should meet! Or if you have tips I’d welcome them.


On the blog this week

Read and reviewed

I read five books but reviewed only three so far (or at least published three reviews).

Read but not reviewed yet

Read and reviewed (click on the graphic to read the review)


I  have been so lucky to be part of Rockstar Book Tour as I could get an ARC of this sequel that I so wanted! I got the hardcover in my mail yesterday and it’s so pretty!!! This is a conclusion to this trilogy worthy of Game of Thrones! 4,5 stars!

Another sequel that I was lucky to get an ARC as I really had been impressed by the first one in the series: Undefeated. Model Boyfriend did not disappoint and if you love sportsromance and getting to know the backstage of the modelling world this is a really unique and intense one!

And last but not least another stunning conclusion to an epic trilogy with Hero at the Fall by Alwyn Hamilton. It’s been a 5 flawless stars and I can’t wait to meet Alwyn at YALC!

I also did my usual favorites meme, beginning with Top 5 Tuesday where Shanah made us speak about one of my favorite topics: characters! I went somewhat overboard with the character driven stories and added way more than 5! What can I say when I  am loving I love hard!

The I Heart Characters hosted by Dani @perspectiveofawriter was another hit this week as we had to speak about who we would like as a mentor. Here again I could not choose one but ended choosing one mentor for my body and a mentor for my soul and sanity 😀 

Dimitri the dhampir to strengthen me and morph me into a killing machine (only if need be as I am not blood thirsty I swear) and Atticus the crazy dog to make me live in the moment, get a little bit naughty and light.

For the First Impression Friday I raved about Hero at the Fall!

Some blogging shoutout now .

I know I’ve been somewhat MIA and did less blog hopping, commentng etc than usual because I was tired (see above) but one post did draw my attention.

Irina @drunkenanimeblogcom was chatting about followers and quantity over quality. Read her post HERE.

It really did struck a chord as I used to want a big follower base when I began blogging until I realized that yes I hoped to have many people following but what was more important than numbers was the interaction with them. So now I am less obssessing about numbers and more enjoying anyone willing to chat. Some chat on a regular basis and I came to wait with great pleasure for our interaction. Because let’s face it: most of you are extraordinary people. For all our different cultures, lands and upbringing we do share the same feelings.

That’s it for now!

Do tell me how was your week? Anything I should know about?

Happy Sunday and thanks for reading.


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  1. Enjoy your holiday! And YALC too- sounds fantastic. 🙂

    Bright We Burn looks amazing!

    I hear you on the followers thing, I was the same way. Now that I’ve been blogging a while I LOVE the interactions with regular and occasional readers, and don’t think I could handle being a huge blog lol!

  2. It sounds like your holiday couldn’t have come at a better time! YALC sounds so much fun, although as an American I probably don’t have much cause to be jealous, even if our conventions can be rather spread out and require a lot of travel 🙂 I hope you and your daughter have a wonderful time there!

    1. Hahahaha JJ nope you don’t have cause to be jealous! It’s me who is usually drooling on all your events 😉

  3. Sounds like you have been having quite a stressful time with your son and work. It must be pretty stressful for him too. Glad you have a holiday coming up and YLAC looks awesome this year. Have a wonderful and safe trip!

  4. Oh noo.. unfortunate for your son and how work was heavier, but YAY for holidays !!! I’d be eager to hear all about that Yalc event, which seems so cool – i’ve never been to such event and probably wont have the chance to

    Ooooh another Renée Carlino book!! Ive LOVED sweet thing so im eager to see how this other book of her is.
    Also agreeing with you both that the followers’ number being smaller but more interactive is definately better !

  5. Enjoy your holiday!
    I’m also on holiday, and trying to do some reading… i also haven’t had time lately. Dunno about you, but for me it felt like my routine is ruined