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The Sunday post is a weekly meme hosted @ Caffeinated Reviewer. Time to look back on my week and talk about life events and blog related news.

Personal life first

I’m still waiting for the results of my blood test and hopefully they’ll be good!

I gave my last GDPR training Friday (yepee) and should be back on track with a “normal yet busy” work week.

The kids are having their finals beginning tomorrow! It will be two weeks of tension and last effort. Fingers crossed that they succeed especially my son who’s in his last year of high school!

Yesterday we had a family movie night and watched “The Shape of Water” by Guillermo Del Torro (won an OSCAR and all). Well it was …surprising to say the least. Not bad but not as good as what I hoped. Definitely some embarrasing moments to watch with the kids even if my daughter will be 17 in a few weeks and frankly I don’t think these were necessary for the plot and the movie. Go figure!


On the blog

I read four books and reviewed two this week. Click on the graphic to read my review.

War Storm was a disappointment 3 stars.

The Girl and her Ren was gorgeous and highly recommended! 5 stars.


The third book I’ve read and will review tomorrow is A Wish For Us by Tillie Cole. The fourth will hopefully be reviewed on its release date Tuesday: Atticus by Sawyer Bennett!

I also got more ARCs than I expected!!!

I had been turned down for A Wish for Us when it still landed on my kindle? WTH? Then I had lost all hope to get “One Small Thing” by Erin Watt when it landed on my kindle too. It makes me a VERY busy reader as I had requested other ARCs seing that my schedule was free and all…Don’t be astonished if I am somewhat MIA these next weeks. I’ll do my best to like, comment and posts but the books won’t read themslelves!!!!


Months ago I read and adored Father Figure by James Cudney known as Jay among bloggers. He agreed to answer my questions and I got his answers a few days back! As this interview is so detailed and interesting I wanted to adopt a “light” format, easy to read and will post in parts every day for one week!

You can find the firts part here.

The second part will be published later today!


As usual I participated in different meme and had tons of fun!

Tuesday was about Top 5 books in red, yellow and orange. I also looked into the meaning of the colors to check if the inside of the book matched the outside LOL

Wednesday was my usual WWW Wednesday

Thursday in I Heart Characters I had to speak about a Wicked Witch!

First Impression Friday was all about A Wish for Us.

Now this is what you see on the blog BUT I am also participating in two challenges on Instagram, posting for Fairyloot on Instagram, wrote the questions to interview Erin Watt with Angelica @collectorofbookboyfriends….

See I am a busy bee LOL


In the Blogosphere, here are some interesting posts of the week:

Alex on Happily Ever After Book Nerd talks about different types of heroines ….


And Mandy on Book Princess Review talks about what makes a character too unlikable….

Discussion Post: What Makes a Character Too Unlikable to Read About?


That’s it for this week!

How was your week? Let me know in the comments 😉

Thanks for reading.


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  1. I think my comment disappeared so it a duplicate pops up… sorry! Good luck with your test results!

    I still need to see The shape of Water…

  2. You had such a fun, busy week. Good to hear the training is over. And good luck to your kids finals. I remember those angst filled last weeks of tests. I got turned down for a couple of Arcs. It surprised me as it was the same author and I’d been approved for his books before. Then, they just arrived on my kindle too. Not complaining. LOL

    My Sunday Post

  3. I am glad you got some ARC’s you wanted. I love when that happens! I am awaiting those SAT’s for my oldest – says they come in July…UGHHH why does it take this long? I am going to be super busy with mid-terms myself so I am trying to stay focused. My youngest starts therapy next week and this is a great thing. She totally needs it. My oldest will be a senior and we will be having all those senior troubles too! Happy graduation to your son!