Hello dear friends,

Here is another Sunday Post that I managed to write even if I’m currently deep into Restore Me by Tahere Mafi and don’t want to stop reading!

So Sunday Post is a weekly event to look back into our week and tell what is to come next week. It’s hosted by Kimberly at Caffeineted Book Reviewer.


Private life first

Well this week has been essentially busy with work, work, work and I also got a call from my kid’s school that they want to meet us next week. I guess their exams didn’t go well but based on what I told you last week that’s no wonder. I’m really disappointed in this school as they don’t offer support to the kids who are basically smart and willing. Some teachers should never teach but I guess it happens everywhere in the world.

My daughter has got the flu the whole week so I had to “nurse” her something that’s not happened for years now as she had a high fever and was really weak.

On the bright side: the weather is becoming warmer and sunny so spring is in the air!

The kids will soon have a two weeks break and it will do them lots of good as they are exhausted by this long winter like everyone.


On the blog:

I have posted every day for our Book Author Challenge and it’s been so much fun!


Reads and reviews

I only have published one review this week: The Boy and His Ribbon.

I got the ARC from Pepper Winters and really loved it. Review HERE


I’ve read Song of Blood and Stone by L. Penelope and the review will be posted later. It’s been a solid four stars.

I’ve also read The Birthday List by Devney Perry. Review coming soon too.


I wrote a short post non book related yesterday about being a cat or dog person in honor of the international puppay day. If you want to admire my own cutie just go HERE.


I took part in two weekly memes: First Line Friday  where I featured the first lines of The Birthday List by Devney Perry and our Top 5 Tuesday was about our top 5 contemporary books HERE


Now I don’t usually post about promoting books and chatting about cover reveal in The Sunday Post but there is one book that I can’t wait to read: Ashes of the Sun by A. Meredith Walters. The cover is so pretty and it’s one of my top authors. Just have a peek HERE.


This week I have three posts by other bloggers that I want to feature:

The first is from Shanah @bionicbookworm and she speaks about books that are hard to read because the subjects make you uncomfortable but they are still important to read. I’m 100% with her on this as I read also to learn and open my eyes and mind! https://bionicbookwormblog.wordpress.com/2018/03/21/hard-topics-yes-youre-uncomfortable-but-theyre-still-important/


Another great blog post is from Evelina working with  Jen @ Star-crossed Book Blog and Ivy @ Ivyclad Ideas  to enlighten us about a 101 guide to Goodreads: http://avalinahsbooks.space/guide-to-goodreads/


Last but not least Alex Confesssion of a Book Nerd explains everything about why reading romance should not be overlooked. I loved all her points about reading romance! https://heabooknerd.com/2018/03/23/confessions-of-a-romance-reader/


That’s it for this Sunday post as I want to resume my read of Restore Me!


Happy Sunday everyone and do tell me all that you’ve been up to.


Thanks for reading!



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    1. That’s why I was so mad Adrienne. In our country school is very difficult and demanding (I don’t know how high school is in the US) and the kids need all the support especially teenagers. But the bright side is that my daughter is healed thank you! Happy weekend <3

  1. It seems everyone is sick or not feeling good! I read in the earlier comments that your daughter is feeling better…YAY! Now to keep it from spreading to everyone else in the house! :0 Hope you have a fantastic week Sophie!

  2. Sorry to hear about the flu! Hope your daughter is better soon. And Restore Me looks really good- sounds like you’re enjoying it!

    1. Thank you Greg she is feeling better already! And I finished restore me this morning. It’s a 6 stars!

    1. Well Dani I’ll have some rest next month to go back to reviewing more, doing other memes and discussion posts!

    1. Thank you Mary and you and your daughter are welcome! It also gives a purpose to my son and it’s fantastic for his English ;-)

    1. Thank you Marie! My daughter feels much better and I finished Restore Me this morning! It’s a 6 stars!!!

  3. Thanks for the mention! That means a lot! And I hope your daughter is feeling better soon! Sometimes nursing our kids when they’re sick gives us extra reasons for snuggles though hope you have a great week this week!