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With the planned hiatus last week this is now my fourth Sunday Post.

This weekly event is hosted by Kimberly at Caffeinated Book Reviewer. This is a chance to recap the previous week and announce anything for the upcoming week. Have som chit-chat with you anything really.

I experience these Sunday Posts as a time to sip a nice cup of tea (or coffee) and talk with you about everything life and bookish related.


Life update first

I was waiting for February for a long time! I did got a new car but what had me all excited was RARE London! I’ve spoken aplenty of this book event and it was so dear to my heart as it was my first one and it had many favorite authors attending!

We made it into a family trip to London with my daughter coming with me at the event (she wanted to meet Amy Harmon) while father and son walked 17 km (about 6 miles?) in London visiting a war ship and many other things!

We had a splendid weather sunny if freezing cold.

I came back with a suitcase filled with 31 books (I bought two more books at Waterstone Picadilly) and was glad I did not have to take the plane or I would have paid a hefty price!

Hauling my suitcase on the stairs of some tube stations (no elevator at Baron’s Court station) is worthy of a good workout!

Now it’s back to business but still with starry eyes and fantastic memories.


On the blog

First what I’ve read in February and my favorites

February was a good month reading wise as I’ve read 9 books!

Look the Part by Jewel E. Ann. It was my first by this author but not my last! 4,5 stars. This story has everything I love: humor, deep and complicated feelings, a hot hero seemingly grumpy but melting under the heroine’s touch, an autist kid and a fantastic heroine.

Review HERE.





Then one book that I awaited impatiently and that was luckily in my Fairyloot box: The Cruel Prince by Holly Black! I love Holly Black’s stories as they are somewhat twisted and always in shades of gray. hey are never white or black. No character is spotless. The main characters develop in such a way that their soul is slowly eaten away. The become more intense, more focused and have to adapt to their dangerous environment. It’s like a cloud of dark ink is slowly tainting their soul and heart. It was a 6 stars! Review HERE






The Smallest Part by Amy Harmon was another winner! 4,5 stars. Once again Amy portrayed ordinary persons that could be your neighbors in an extraordinary light. She does not write about superheroes saving the world in epic ways. She writes about small people being quietly extraordinary. In a lifelong silent, constant and discreet support. Review HERE.







I’ve read This Heart of Mine by C.C. Hunter. 4,5 stars and another winner!

When I spotted This Heart of Mine on Netgalley I requested the ARC and crossed my fingers. The synopsis really called to me. I had not read contemporary CC Hunter and was really intrigued. Would she meet my expectations? Well I read the book in one sitting. I simply could not put it down. CC was so lovely and she agreed to asnwer my questions gifting the blog with a heartfelt interview (see below). Review HERE





Then another fantastic read by one of my unicorn authors: In Harmony by Emma Scott. 5 stars!!! Emma Scott has swept me off my feet once more just to catapult me in her deeply moving and dramatic story.Hamlet is a tragedy. What happened to Willow was tragic and she is slowly dying inside. She was snuffed by her dad, Justin and “X”. It’s terrible to be trapped inside your mind. To have no control on your fate. To know that something terrible happened and yet don’t remember. I was owling in desperation. Review HERE.






Then a much awaited book Immortal Reign the conclusion of Fallen Kingdoms series by Morgan Rhodes but sadly it did not meet my expectations. I think I outgrew the series and was left with a 3 stars review. HERE.








Heartbreak for Hire by Tabatha Vargo and Melissa Andrea. All in all it’s been one of these read that you can enjoy and read fast, filled with very cynical characters paired and admirable ones. Sweet and sour with a kick of spice. Review HERE .








Then a phenomenal read that has been a punch in the face: The Silver Cage by Anonymous. It’s been such a fantastic an dpowerful read that it inspired one of my top 5 tuesdays (see below) and I even had to write an Opne Letter to Anonymous to get it all out of my chest. I was in a huge book slump after this one.

This story is about being trapped by your beliefs and upbringing.
It’s about wearing a mask your own life. Feeling like wearing clothes you outgrew decades ago.
It’s about the fear of being rejected would people really get to know you.
About guilt. So much guilt it nearly drives you insane.
About redemption that you crave but believe you don’t deserve
… and would probably never come.

Full review HERE


Rock King by Tara Leigh had no chance coming after that book and it’s been a 3 stars for me. Review HERE.








My February winners are:

The Silver Cage shook me so much that I wrote an “Open Letter to Anonymous” that you can find HERE.

I’ve also posted C.C Hunter’s fantastic interview. It was a real heart to heart and you can find it HERE.


I’m also on a schedule with some weekly topics/meme and I now post every week about my top 5 tuesday, WWW Wednesday and First Line Friday.

My favorite top 5 of the month was about:

“Top 5 books that made me change my manichean view on LGBTQ and why I don’t want to call them LGBTQ anymore but just LOVE stories”


February was also filled with 16 posts on “All About Love” with bloggers posting and authors like Emma Scott, Suanne Laqueur, Amy Harmon and Leylah Attar. I’ve been blessed with all these friends participating and baring their heart for this event! Just type “All About Love ” in the search if you’d like to know more about it.


I also participated in an event about “Meet your next  book boyfriend” and of course I chose Rhysand! Find the post HERE


Last but not least I also wrote a post explaining my fantastic day at RARE London and how I got to meet my unicorn authors: HERE. 


Pfew! When I look back I see that I’ve been somewhat crazy!


Now for the blogger shoutout and my favorite post of the week: It’s on drunkanime (yes yes I’mfollowing blogs on Anime even if I don’t watch them I love the drawing and her posts are really interesting with very good advices) about your blog and if substance should win or appearance is more important: https://drunkenanimeblog.com/2018/03/03/style-over-substance/


That’s it for my crazy month!

What have you been up to this month? Was February as busy for you as it’s been for me?


Thanks for reading and happy Sunday!



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  1. I am glad to hear you had an awesome time at the bookish event and that’s great that you got so many new books! Seems like you had a good reading month in February!

  2. Yeay such a good haul. I’d imagine having to lug those all up the stairs was quite the work out haha. But worth it in the end I’d imagine. 😀

  3. What a wonderful loot! 🙂
    It reminded me of that time when, during a visit in London, a friend of mine bought a LOT of books at Waterstones (even shocking the clerk once she deposited them on the counter): luckily for her, they could ship the books home, since we had indeed to take a plane and I don’t want to think about the extra weight charge!

    1. Well Maddalena I was really relieved that I travelled by train and not by plane for that exact reason!!! LOL

  4. 31 books!!!! Nice 😀
    I got the girl in the tower as well recently. One of those rare cases when i decided on the printed version cuz the cover is so pretty 😀

    1. Hahaha yes I went really crazy. I was on a high after having met all these authors. It’s good such events are few in our region LOL And yes the cover is really pretty!!!

  5. I’ve had my eye on Look The Part – but it’s set in my home city so I’m not sure if I’d enjoy it! I always get distracted if the book takes place in a city I know well 🙂 Glad you had fun at RARE! Going to check out your recap post – I’d love to do something like that someday!

    1. Hi Mallory! I can understand you being distracted as I am distracted as well just reading about books happening in towns I just visited 🙂

  6. What a gorgeous stack of books! I’m in the US so this is the first time I’ve heard of RARE but it sounds like an amazing event 🙂 I’ve also got The Cruel Prince on my TBR and all these positive reviews have me looking forward to it. Have a lovely week!

    1. Thank you so much JJ! Living in the States I guess you have plenty events happening. It’s unusual for us in Europe or at least with English talking authors 😉

  7. RARE sounds like a lot of fun, glad you guys had a good time! Looks like you had some great reads too- I want to read the Cruel Prince.