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The Sunday post is a weekly meme hosted @ Caffeinated Reviewer. Time to look back on my week and talk about life events and blog related news.

Personal news first

This week has been exhausting! A real turmoil at home with more teenage family drama as my son punched his sister’s door! It all began for something not important (certainly compared to world hunger and wars etc.) but as we are close to the end year’s exams all Hell broke lose!

Better the door than my daughter I know but still!

When we have been wondering what we’ve done wrong with our kids we’ve gathered many stories from our friends and  colleagues telling us that “it happened to them too”. Some had holes in the door and chose to hide it with a “Las Vegas” plate bought when on trip in the US.

Suffice to say that we both went back early from work that day to have a very serious chat with both of them. They will both have to pay for a new door. My daughter because she knows where to poke the bear to make him bite and my son because he damaged the door.

Now this will be my new mantra...

At work I’ve been touring our small country to give training about …GDPR! Yes it was the hot topic of these last weeks.

I even helped other blogger friends who had no time to comply and prepare. Well that’s what friends are for: to help each others when needed.

I was drained physically and emotionally by the end of the week, killer headache added!

Now I am really wondering why so many teenagers go to such extreme reactions nowadays.

As I was musing aloud my daughter told me that it had always existed in the past but people did not speak about it.

Maybe …..

Plans for next week …




On the blog

I realized today that I did not post a single review this week!!!! Yet I finished Atticus by Sawyer Bennett, The Broken Puppet by Amo Jones and Mogul by Katy Evans. Oh and A Darken Shore by Jessica Leake. I will publish these, promise.

It does not mean that I did nothing as I participated in the Ride or Bike event where I got to speak about my favorite MC story: the Nine Minute Trilogy by Beth Flynn (click on the graphic).

I also wrote my Top 5 Tuesday about the best Last Lines again a two-steps post with the answers the day after.

I followed with the WWW Wednesday and the I Heart Character! Topic of the week: God or Goddess you’d like as BFF only…I tweaked it some 😀 (click on the graphic).


Friday has become a tradition for the First Impression Friday.

Now what happened in the blogosphere and posts I’d like to speak about

This week I won’t post links about specific posts written by other bloggers but I’d like to speak about a new release that I’ve seen on several blogs and that is dear to my heart: Cocktales.

This is an anthology by several authors in reaction to the trademark put on the word “cocky” by one author.

“The goal of the Cocktales Anthology is to raise funds to fight against obstruction of creative expression. Specifically, what we believe are obstruction attempts through the trademarking of common (single) words for titicular use in books / or as a book series (eBooks, print, and audio).”

Said author (that I won’t name here and I had never heard her name before the “Cockygate”) banned all other people from using the word “cocky” in their titles etc, even forcing authors who had already published books with this word to pay her! Can you believe it???? One word????

If you want more details about this you can read this article: https://www.theguardian.com/books/2018/may/08/romantic-novelist-trademarking-of-word-cocky-fameela-hopkins

If you want to brand or trademark your name I could understand but one common word? It’s against freedom of speach.

I can’t stand injustice.

My parents raised me to do whatever I wanted as long as I did not hurt others physically or emotionally. Do what I want but respect others. Freedom is very important and justice is dear to my heart.

This situation is totally unfair and I can’t abide by what she has decided.

I advertized about this new release and I am pleased to see that many other bloggers have showed their support to all the authors that have been or would be dupped.

I am stopping here!

I promise to review next week even if I am certain that I’ll be engrossed in Warstorm!

Happy Sunday everyone!

Thanks for reading.


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  1. GDPR is a pain in the ass.
    My sister-in-law (MUCH younger than we are, lol) is in her mid-teens and doing exams and seems to be losing her marbles at the moment. I think the pressures on teenagers lead to whacky behavior at times but they come through it. I hope things settle for yours and things get less stressful.
    Have a good weekend!

    1. Don’t worry Daisy I was “out” of the net for nearly two days as work was hectic! You are not the only one behind!!!!

  2. I also promo posted and ordered Cocktales. I’m very excited about Atticus also. Hopefully this week you will find some peace in reading and reviewing a book or two. Anne – Books of My Heart

  3. Aw sorry it was a tough week! GDPR certainly seems to have rattled people, with all the vagueness- nice you were able to help others!

    That Cockygate thing kills me.

  4. Seems like everyday is drama day here too. My oldest daughter takes her SAT for college this weekend and her and her younger sister are at it as always. Then my younger is going through somethings that we are thinking of putting her in a hospital. Yes, I said it. Ughh, I am in my first semester and my sister just passing. It is just unreal right now. I am just taking it one day and fight at a time.

    Have a great week!

  5. Sorry about the family drama. I hope this experience teaches the kids not to destroy things. The GDPR stuff is very confusing. Hopefully my blog is compliant. I tried my best. I don’t read romance, but I saw the cocky stuff on Twitter and rolled my eyes a lot.

  6. Ugh teenagers. I teach high school so I know exactly what its like sometimes. Hopefully they are calmed down for a while.
    I’m glad you understand GDPR. I’m not sure I do! It has been so stressful!
    Have a good week!

  7. That’s called Sibling Love! LOL! I’m sorry you had an exhausting day! Me and My brother used to be something like that when we were young but I’m the destroyer. XD
    I didn’t know authors can trademark words too! Seriously? That’s absurd and totally ridiculous!

  8. You, my friend have had quite an eventful week. Mine was filled with exams which is such a bummer Also seriously about she who shall not be named can just go and bury herself because her career has already taken care of itself. What an unnecessary nodcock of a drama

    1. Bwahahaha yes I’ve read about your exams. Boy am I glad that I don’t have these anymore!!! But soon you’ll be free to read (and rant and cry and …) all the time for some months!

  9. Oh no!! It’s true that it could have well being other thing than only a poor door; but it still cost you something!! Good teaching in making both of them pay for it; that way they see both side is at fault. He souldnt had punched it, BUT she shouldnt had startled him either ..

    Also yeep, GDPR was indeed a headache.. i got MANY anxiety attacks because of it and damn, im happy this is passed- and hopefully It shall now be done for good for me.