My name is Jean Moreau. My place is at Evermore. I belong to the Moriyamas.

It is a truth Jean has built his life around, a reminder this is the best he can hope for and all he deserves. But when he is stolen from Edgar Allan University and sold to a more dangerous master, Jean is forced to contend with a life outside of the Nest for the first time in five years. The Foxes call his transfer to California a fresh start; Jean knows it is little more than a golden cage.

Captain Jeremy Knox is facing his final year with the USC Trojans and fifth straight year falling short of the championships trophy he desperately craves. Taking in the nation’s best defenseman is a no-brainer, even if that man is a Raven. But Jean is no monster, just a man with no hope or desire for a future, and when Evermore’s collapse starts dragging Jean’s hideous secrets to light, Jeremy is forced to contend with the cost of victory.



“I am Jean Moreau. I belong to the Moriyamas.”

Gosh that book about destroyed me!  Give me the sequel already!

This was perfect, brutal, heartbreaking and most important: absolutely true to that series! The tone, the grit, the drama, the trauma but also the support from your teammates, everything is still there!

What we learn about Riko’s abuse is monstrous. Rico is a complete psychopath.

 Jean had been mentally and physically tortured in unthinkable ways!. Countless times.

He has been so brainwashed and known only violence that he can’t fathom anything else. He has been trained to obey and endure, convinced he deserved all of it.

“Jean was a starving dog on a short chain who’d learned years ago not to bite back.”

Even now after being rescued by Renee and offered to be traded to the Trojan alias the “Sunshine Court”, he can’t adjust to not being beaten or raped or mentally tortured .

I so hurt for him and I want him to find some peace!

“You’ve endured the storm long enough. Don’t you think you’re overdue for some rainbows?”

But that won’t happen easily. That won’t even happen in this book. In the sequel maybe. Yet the seeds have been planted.

Thanks to Jeremy, the Trojan’ s captain and his close friends they are showing Jean that freedom and fun exist and that he deserves them.

“My issues are mine alone,” Jean said. “I will not ask for accommodations and hold back the team. I will figure something out.” ​“That’s not fair,” Jeremy said, and when Jean opened his mouth to argue, added, “to you or us. For someone who seems so sure of what he deserves, you don’t seem to give any thought to what anyone else does. You’re forcing us to hurt you without giving us any say in the matter.”

And Neil slayed it! Every time he had a part to play he was just so cool and perfect.

Let’s also just say that with a big surprise about Jean’s past (that I hope against all hope everything is not lost) I need the sequel now. Oh and I want a hot sandwich of Jean and Jeremy!

Thanks for reading.


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