As I’ve reviewed One Careful Owner by the same author yesterday I’d like to share with you a little gem that made me fall in love with Jane Harvey-Berrick’s writing. I’m BEGGING YOU: please, please READ THIS GORGEOUS BOOK!

Simply beautiful.

It deserves much more than 5 stars.

I read “The End” and my finger was already pressing “BUY” as I now had to read “The Traveling Woman”. Buying the second book was like breathing: essential.

This book is simply gorgeous and reminded me of these other stories I loved like “The Sweetgum Tree”, “The Mason List” and “Running Barefoot”. All are wonderful stories with writing so good you taste and feel what the characters experience.
I love when authors have that magic wand and make me feel every sensory experience the characters live. I love when they can make us see the world through children’s eyes, with all the wonder, magic, awe and expectations. That’s what this book did or me.

I tasted the sweetness of cotton candy, I sucked out the coconut’s milk as it dribbled down my chin, I felt the warmth of the sun on my skin, the gentle breeze in the air. I was excited to see the dust swirling as it announced the much awaited arrival of the carnival in my little town. And I could not contain my excitement as I was going to see the magic of the fair, the sole highlight of my year. I wanted to cradle Mr Albert, that little monkey, in my arms and caress the pony’s snout. I cheered for the cowboys incredible acrobatics.

It’s a story of childhood friends becoming lovers. Aimee and Kestrel love was beautiful. It was complicated but so worth it.
It made me think about prejudice and misconception. I must admit I’ll never see the carnies the same way. Aimee was a lovely character, she was courageous and dared fight for her dream. She never shared her parent’s beliefs of “trailer trash”, “thieves”… she saw the magic of the fair, the kinship and “her” Kestrel.

Kestrel was complicated, proud, savage like a wild animal, never to be contained. He loved fiercely but could not say it. His pride and resentment made him make some bad moves but Aimee set him straight, telling him he did wrong. She would help him, admire him and cover for his “flaw” all along, patiently and lovingly.

They are worlds apart but together, they make sense. Together, they are beautiful.

This book was highly recommended some months ago by a very good friend on Goodreads and once again, she was spot on! I’m happy I waited so long to read it though as I don’t have to wait for book 2. I’m lucky as I can read right away the conclusion of one of the most gorgeous stories I’ve ever read. I hope many readers will buy this book as it definitely should be on a shelf “books you wish more people knew about”. It’s a gem.

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