Confronted with the horrifying realization that their mastermage is on death row, a group of Defenders embark on a deadly journey to save him. Labelled as the ‘Traitors of the State’ and with a bounty on their heads, they must stand against an unworthy ruler and the very citizens they are trying to protect. All while guarding a map of gateways between worlds and their Key.

On this fantastical journey, one of the Defenders, Farhaan, is on a path to lock himself in an unknown world—destined by fate but against his will.


I was contacted by the author and offered a physical copy of her book and promised to write an honest review.

If the Unfolding has many assets, I think I was not the right audience for the book and others might give it a higher rating.

What’s the Unfolding?

The Unfolding centers around young Farhaan who discovers he’s been lied to his whole life and his heritage is not what he was led to believe. People are after him to use him as leverage against his true father who is holding the key to uncover and activate gateways, portals that an evil ruler wants to use to invade and plunder other realms like earth.

Farhaan, unbeknownst to him has been protected his whom life by Defenders, allies of his true father who are determined to save said father and thwart the evil ruler’s plans.

You could divide the story into three sections, beginning with the world building and backstory and ending on a cliffhanger.

The Unfolding seemed like a unique blend of urban fantasy mixed with a whiff of the movie “Taken” with Liam Neeson at the beginning. The presence of gateways reminded me of portals that we can find in fantasy or science fiction. Add to it a lot of running/hiding, secrets and plot twists and you should have a good idea.

As you can see, many assets and that’s even before mentioning what I consider the best part of the story: the world building!

Noor Amjad went all in in that department as we have parallel universe, humans and other creatures, stone magic, a very interesting teleportation system and more.

I could also see that the author took her time writing the story and certainly didn’t shirk the job as her depiction of scenes and characters are extremely polished.

So why not a higher rating for me?

Because if her writing was extremely detailed and mature, the characters reactions and some dialogues seemed very “young” sometimes. Also the third person narrative coupled with more telling than showing made for an uneven pace at time. The very beginning was fast, gripping and then you would stall on some details and extreme description of scenes, places, in short a lot of informations that would somehow make for a chunky pace.

All in all, I think the book has a lot of potential and the author certainly did invest a lot of time writing it! My advise would be to find an editor that would help cut and polish it to offer a smoother reading experience.

Thanks for reading.


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