From the desperation of golden crowns…

Casteel Da’Neer knows all too well that very few are as cunning or vicious as the Blood Queen, but no one, not even him, could’ve prepared for the staggering revelations. The magnitude of what the Blood Queen has done is almost unthinkable.

And born of mortal flesh…

Nothing will stop Poppy from freeing her King and destroying everything the Blood Crown stands for. With the strength of the Primal of Life’s guards behind her, and the support of the wolven, Poppy must convince the Atlantian generals to make war her way—because there can be no retreat this time. Not if she has any hope of building a future where both kingdoms can reside in peace.

A great primal power rises…

Together, Poppy and Casteel must embrace traditions old and new to safeguard those they hold dear—to protect those who cannot defend themselves. But war is only the beginning. Ancient primal powers have already stirred, revealing the horror of what began eons ago. To end what the Blood Queen has begun, Poppy might have to become what she has been prophesied to be—what she fears the most.

As the Harbinger of Death and Destruction.

Audiobook Review

First, I have heard that there was drama and personal attacks on JLA about the book . I didn’t go reading about it as I wanted to avoid spoilers but when I finished, I was really wondering what the problem was!

Now I have learned what people dislike and I can live with that. Not everyone would love the choice that has been made while others were waiting for it.
What I can’t live with, is people attacking an author for some plot choice. Or attacking an author period!
We can’t all love the same stories because we are all different. But we all can show respect!

That being said, let’s get to why I loved the War of Two Queens.

I loved that :

-the characters continue to amaze and amuse me.
The “old ones” with their banter (Poppy’s inner circle) and the new ones! Grouchy Reaver parading naked and always wanting to set things afire, needling Kieran; mysterious Millicent; broody Malek and more.
JLA knows how to make us love or loathe some characters too! There is no mild feelings there.

-the love in that book is immense!
There is Poppy’s love for people in general, her need to protect an heal. She is an amazing heroine. The love of the Wolvens for their Queen. The romantic love too that gets even more heated in the book if that was possible.

-the action.
I know, the book is long and sometimes it drags a little when we are caught up in Poppy’s inner questioning. But the action scenes and the battles when Poppy and mommy dearest are coming to hands were superb!

-the secrets and plot twists.
We learn some secrets about Poppy’s birth and her attack as a kid. We also learn the motives behind Isbeth’s actions. We have many plot twists.
I have one complain though: I don’t like the choice made at the end of the story. Or at least the path JLA chose for her story to spin around is not my favorite in books. It’s the same issue I had in House of Sky and Breath so we’ll see how the next book will fare.

People will also find Poppy less “stabby” and playful, even if she still fights like the best warrior. But that’s because she is now a queen and has the kingdom’s fate on her shoulders. She must plan, strategize and she is also worried about Casteel.
Her also dreading her newfound abilities, fearing that her power would take her on a dark path don’t helpthe girl to keep a playful mind. She simply has grown into her character and I think that it suits her.

I will read the next book, even if as I said, it’s not my favorite spin for a story.

And I will listen to it in audiobook as the narrators, Stina Nielsen and Tim Campbell, did an amazing job at keeping me enthralled for more than twenty-six hours!

This is my personal and honest review. You might disagree with it be please be respectful in your comments as I would be with yours.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. I had the hardcover preordered but when I found out that was going to be delayed, I tried staying away from spoilers but that didn’t happen… Everyone, everywhere was talking about this book! I will say that I’m one of those people that didn’t like where she took that certain scene (I’m also not one of those people that say it came outta nowhere. JLA hinted about it in book 2.), I just felt it didn’t fit with how possessive the main couple were personally in the beginning. BUT I completely agree with you that that’s no reason to attack an author! She was receiving death threats!!! Just because she wrote something some people didn’t like! I would never feel so entitled to send hate to an author because I don’t like their work…

    1. That’s exactly the problem. Of course we can be disappointed by the choice an author made but it’s his or her book and we have to respect that. I could have lived without that scene too but one scene does not make for a whole book and certainly never excuse what had been said to her!

  2. Vicious attacks on authors (or on reviewers who don’t “conform” to the majority opinion) is a phenomenon born from the anonymity offered by the Internet: everyone can be verbally violent and abusive while remaining in the shadows, and I tend to see these people as nothing but cowards…

  3. I just don’t understand why ppl will attack an author either to be honest, let authors write what they want to write even if its not your favorite plot twist. That is more than okay, let go of that entitlement.

    Great review. I have loved this author, but nervous about this series until its complete haha but your reviews always make me want to pick her up.

  4. I didn’t realize there was any drama surrounding this book, but I completely agree with you. Attacking the author is just wrong. I’m glad to hear you enjoyed the book overall even if the direction at the end didn’t work for you.

  5. I completely agree with you.. Attacking an author is never okay… even less so for such nonesensical reasons. I haven’t read this series yet to be honest but even if I had and didn’t like what she was doing with the characters I’ll just stop reading. Great review, I’m curious about the series but as always there’s so many books so little time..

  6. I absolutely loved this book which is kind of ironic because I didn’t think I’d like one of the twists. I should have had faith because it’s JLA lol. But there were soooooo many twists, I guessed quite a few but got a lot wrong HA! Ohhhh now you have me super interested in what happened in House of Sky and Breath. I was waiting for that final book to binge read but ack, we’ll see if I can wait!

  7. I really enjoyed this too, maybe it was a tad too long but still loved it. I also loved the bit everyone was moaning about so guess that makes me a ‘middle aged soccer mum’ as the haters were saying!!!!!!

  8. Preach, Sophie! I haven’t read the book yet so I don’t know if I’ll like it or not but there’s never a good reason to attack authors.