Hi friends,

I had a lighter workday today and feel more energetic to publish about my Best Reads of 2022!

Today I am talking about books with the best writing!

I have read a lot of great books this year but two stand out: The Winners by Fredrik Backman and Carrie Soto is Back by Taylor Jenkins Reid!

I swear these two authors are monuments!

As I already shared snippets of my review in another post, today I’ll focus on sharing some favorite quotes to help you understand why I think the writing is so gorgeous!

“He has seen good people capable of great evil, but also evil people capable of incredible light. It’s the same everywhere. Almost everybody loves too much, hates too easily, forgives too little. But most people want the same things: to live in peace, to make their hearts beat a little slower when the night comes, to earn some money to support the ones they love.”

“We all have a hundred fake personalities depending upon who we’re with. We pretend and dissemble and stifle ourselves just to fit in.”

And the one that still makes me cry…

“Because he was always the sort of person who stood in the way, the sort who protected, the sort who ran. He always thought he was the bad guy in all stories, the real heroes always do, that’s why stories about boys like him never end with them growing old.”

We live in a world where exceptional women have to sit around waiting for mediocre men.”

“One of the great injustices of this rigged world we live in is that women are considered to be depleting with age and men are somehow deepening.”

It was okay to win as long as I acted surprised when I did and attributed it to luck. I should never let on how much I wanted to win or, worse, that I believed I deserved to win. And I should never, under any circumstances, admit that I did not believe all of my opponents were just as worthy as I was. The bulk of the commentators… they wanted a woman whose eyes would tear up with gratitude, as if she owed them her victory, as if she owed them everything she had.”

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I think it’s impossible to heap enough praise on Carrie Soto is Back. And I was torn between using it for this prompt but ultimately went with Kennedy Ryan’s Before I Let Go. This one was every bit as good, though!