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Topic: today is the weird things I’ve googled thanks to a book.

I can’t say that I have googled weird things but some books had me interested enough to dive deeper into some topics they broached!

Here we go:

The Fountains of Silence had me looking into Franco’s regime and his kidnapping of his opponent’s babies and children to place them in friends or allies ‘s homes.

From Sand and Ash had me reading further in the role played by the catholic church, especially in Italy, in protecting jews when WWII was raging.

In Mists of Serengeti I discovered that albino children are kidnapped in Africa and later killed. I couldn’t believe what I was reading and googled the facts…

In the Huntress, Kate Quinn writes about Russian female pilots who hit more planes than any other pilots. They were called the Night Witches and I immediately went to read about these extraordinary women!

Kate Quinn again who had me invested in reading everything about Bletchley park and cryptanalysts.

In Someday Someday, I learned about the reformation camps and was horrified to later on read what parents would do to their kids, what these camps entailed! It’s so barbaric!

When Elephants Fly had me googling about conservation and all its challenges and many forms.

The Poppy War had me avidly googling China’s history: colonialism, mythology, the empires…

And the Bandit Queens had me researching women’s condition in India, especially in rural arreas and I was aghast at their lack of rights and protection.

As you can see, books serve a purpose: to open my mind and wet my appetite for the topics broached in their stories.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. I Google stuff all the time when I’m reading but I never remember later what I googled, lol. History is big for me too, there are always more facts to learn

  2. such a cool prompt! one thing I love about reading too is how it makes me discover things and want to learn more about them. TPW made me read more about the Sino-Japanese war too

  3. I was shocked by what I discovered of womenhood in India- yes I knew my friend told me we weren’t quite seen the same but omg. Recent news got me aghast.

    I only remember googling pen testers (penetration specialist) from Ruth Ware’s zero days!

  4. It seems historical bits really pushed you to find out more. I can say that has happened to me too. Especially when reading books that mention big events that shaped countries other than the US. The Partition, the Iranian Revolution, and that hurricane from Cleeton’s Last Train to Key West were some historical events I googled.