She thought she had her life back. She was wrong. It was a mistake to trust him.

Shivering and bruised, a teen wakes up on the side of a dirt road with no memory of how she got there―or who she is. A passing officer takes her to the police station, and not long after, a frantic man arrives. He’s been searching for her for hours. He has her school ID, her birth certificate, and even family photos. He is her father. Her name is Mary. Or so he says.

When Lola slammed the car door and stormed off into the night, Drew thought they just needed some time to cool off. Except Lola disappeared, and the sheriff, his friends, and the whole town are convinced Drew murdered his girlfriend. Forget proving his innocence, he needs to find her before it’s too late. The longer Lola is missing, the fewer leads there are to follow…and the more danger they both are in.

Audiobook Review

6 stars

This is an impressive first work!

I honestly couldn’t stop listening to Sophie Amoss and Robb Moreira narrating this heart pounding thriller/crime/mystery!

The plot is simple: a teen wakes up frightened in the forest with no memories of who she is and how she landed there. Soon after being rescued by a police officer, her father arrives at the police station, frantic and ready to show all the papers to prove she is his daughter.

She is Mary Boone or so he says. Because slowly, things won’t add up and Mary begins to doubt and…fear.

At the same time, Drew is looking for his girlfriend. Lola disappeared after they had an argument and everyone (the sheriff, his friends, the town) is convinced he killed her. So Drew needs to find Lola to prove his innocence and also erase his guilt.

This is one of these gripping mysteries, the one where the clock is ticking and you fear that the boogieman will win! There was a sense of dread that sent my heart racing and I just wanted to cheat and peek at the last pages to know what would happen!

I am already looking for Megan Lally’s next book!

Thanks for reading.


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