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As you have already seen from our other weekly posts since the first Friday of this month, August is the month of romance!

And I have teamed up with Caro and Trisy to write different posts about romance!

Today we thought we would give you our dream collaboration between romance writers!

If we got to pair them, how would they collaborate and what story wuld they write?


Sophie’s pairing

I have several unicorn authors but two that I think would collaborate easily together and write something dream worthy: Amy Harmon paired with Leylah Attar!

How would they collaborate? Easily or with lots of booze to stand the other?

None of these is a “serial romance writer”. I mean they write one book a year or even every two or three year for Leylah Attar.

That’s important as that means that they should work and brainstorm at a similar pace.

No one would be rushed or pressured by the other.

Both have a deep, insightful and gorgeous writing. Leylah also adapts her writing and phrasing to the character and story she writes. Mingling with Amy’s style should be effortless.

Both have confided being booknerds as kids  (see their respective interviews on this blog). Both have always been creative, even if Leylah had to wait a long time before writing.

Leylah is curious and loves to learn and I think that Amy being really into research and all to write her books (historical, fantasy) they would talk endlessly about everything they discovered and learned for their next book.

Leylah also has a deep sense of humor and I think that she would make Amy laugh so hard!

Verdict: easy collaboration.


What kind of story would they write?

I think a historical romance with a hint of supernatural would suit both of them. It would be an epic and exhilarating love story between two broken or flawed characters.

Let’s dream here!

The male character would be knightly like ...a templar! There is a hint of forbidden here as templars are akin to monks hence, not prone to have lovers. Templars were a Catholic military order and that should suit Amy’s love for spirituality.

Our hero would be a fighting templar sent in a crusade to free the Holy Land from Islam.

Let’s say that he was deadly wounded in a battle and left for dead. Our female character would be of islamic religion, from a nomad tribe but living on the outskirts of the tribe. Her mother died when giving birth to our female character and she was born with a special mark on her skin. Her people consider her a witch. She’s been beaten by her father as a kid and had such trauma that she has not spoken for more than a decade. Her best friend is a falcon she rescued when he was a fledgling.

She would stumble upon our knight and will heal him. He’ll spend time with her and her tribe, realizing that they are not the devils they are rumored to be. Except of course those tormenting her. He will blend in so well that when Catholics will attack the tribe, he will fight to protect them. Alas,she’s been captured in the attack to be sold as a slave. She will be shipped to France and he will follow her, trying to find her because he is in love and can’t stand the idea of living without her. He’ll find her thanks to her falcon and will go plead his case to the King of France or the Pope.

Of course you’ll have topics like: accepting differences, opening your eyes and heart to other culture, what’s faith and who is God etc. 

It would be an epic romance with a HEA!


Caro’s pairing

Pairing: Sarah J Maas and Kristen Ashley!

I feel they are both very descriptive authors and I want all that detail.  My idea is something completely different from both of them than the stories they have written so far!

The old pharohs of Egypt fascinate me and they sound like a flighty, blood thirsty, old bunch, killing off siblings, husbands and whoever to get what and where they want.

So…..the story…..and bear with me here because an author I am not!

In my mind I would love them to write a paranormal, historical romance in the age of the Egyptians.

I see a powerful priestess and her lover who is a total alpha male warrior but also a paranormal creature, I’m leaving  towards a werewolf but not sure if that’s been overdone!

Our Priestess is the guardian of a sacred amulet for the pharaohs that helps them transcend into the afterlife…..but it has been stolen.

The Priestess, accompanied by her her warrior lover have to get the amulet back before anyone knows its missing, or face execution.

Along the way they face many dangers, spiritual and physical. There are villains, there are sexy times and obviously with these two authors there will be shocks and twists!

Trisy’s pairing

Hey y’all! Dream collaboration between two of my favorite authors? Oh my gosh, this one was soooo hard! Not going to lie, it took me several days to decide but I finally landed on Kristen Ashley and J.R. Ward!
If you’ve never read these authors, I’ll tell you that they both tend to write uber alpha males and sassy smart females. They both also write sexy paranormal romance. 
So, how to combine JR Ward’s, Black Dagger Brotherhood series full of possessive vampires and Kristen Ashley’s Chaos series with studs on motorcycles?!?
Picture this: there’s a rash of abductions happening. Women are disappearing everywhere. The Chaos men don’t like to turn to others outside of their motorcycle club but when one of their own gets taken, they must find someone who can help because these women have disappeared to a sinister place that a mere human can’t go (think maybe a wolves’ lair or a trolls’ cave or maybe a demon’s realm).
Word on the street is, there’s a vampire that may be able to help. Normally, vamps are forbidden from exposing their true nature to any human. But the vampire Blind King has made an exception for the Chaos MC because humans aren’t the only ones being preyed on. (And the Chaos men may even get some help from Hawk Delgado and his commandos!)
While the males are learning how to work together, the abducted women are making escape plans of their own. I mean…the men aren’t the only bad asses in the Chaos MC or the Black Dagger Brotherhood!
Of course, there MUST be multiple POVs, plenty of saucy time, sassy women, over the top men, a bit of nail-biting suspense, just a dash of humor and a happy ever after (or maybe a happy for NOW ending?!?)💜

What do you think of our pairings and our stories? Would you read them? Should we send this to these authors?

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I saw this on Caro’s blog. Although, I’ve only read J.R.Ward the stories that you all have suggested sound wonderful. I think I’d buy them all! Lol!