New to Me Authors of 2017

Top 5 Tuesday is a meme created by Shanah @Bionicbookwormblog

Today I managed to post on..Tuesday LOL

Shanah has one of the most engaging blogs and she always comes with the best topic ideas for her top 5 Tuesday!


I looked back on my reading year on Goodreads and realized that I’ve read tons of new authors this year. I really loved many of them so to day will be Top Orgy Tuesday!

Prepare for an avalanche and I’m not even sorry for it as I love spreading the love.

What I’ll do to keep it relatively short is only give few sentences about each books 😉

In no particular order (all reviews are on the blog!):


1 Frederik Backman with Beartown

Goodreads Finalist! This book was just superb. Written in such fashion as to keep me under the weight of desperate but proud Beartown all along. All these destinies we follow separately will collide and leave a town in turmoil and some of its inhabitants behaving like animals.

Exceptional read.






2 Tiffany Reisz with The Bourbon Thief

A real emotional rollercoaster.

Cooper McQueen was entranced by Paris’s tale but so was I. I forgot everything and everyone. I was in Kentucky in the stable, the woods or in that cursed mansion. My hair was long and red. My crush was tall and handsome and I loved driving him crazy. I carried the weight of a doomed family. Revenge was my middle name. That my friend is the trade mark of a very good book.




3 Roshani Chokshi with A Crown of Wishes

This story reminded me of some Indian tales with flourishes at every turn and lyrical sentences. You’ll get your fill of colors, smells, tastes, magical creatures and fantasy landscapes. It’s a world where rubies fall from snakes mouths where golden apples stick to your hand giving you hunger like you’ve never experienced and beautiful women can kill you with a bare touch.






4 Devney Perry with The Coppersmith Farmhouse

Alert!!! Up and coming brand new author! Prepare to be amazed and to swoon over sheriff Cleary.

If you read:

“I opened my mouth to ask what was going on but the words got stuck in the back of my throat. My brain short-circuited. All of my attention was focused on the man standing right in front of me. Seated on my stool, I had to tip my head way back to examine his face. I blinked a few times because this man was so ruggedly handsome I had to be imagining him. (…)
What catapulted him beyond any good-looking man I’d ever seen before were his eyes, light blue eyes flecked with white. Bright, like the color of ice. I had never seen such a hue before. Did they melt when he kissed someone, or did the ice become even brighter? “

you’re already DROOLING right? Because I know that I did!


5 Angie Thomas with The Hate U Give

this book was dense in his topics as we can add gang wars, reasons to sell drugs, people behind the numbers, etc. but it was written with mastery as it was real and never too much.
Starr felt real, true to many black teenagers. She took me by the hand and made me follow her in every ordeal she experienced.





6 Leah Scheier with Rules of Rain

Fantastic YA contemporary book with twins. One (Ethan) has autism.

Ethan’s journal excerpt:
“The route by which human pheromones turn us on. (Notes from R. Douglas Fields’s Sex and the Secret Nerve) Note: This may explain the Hope phenomenon. Proposed experiment: Attempt communication with subject during day four of upper respiratory tract infection (when congestion most interferes with the olfactory process). Alternative: Stuff cotton balls in nose next time she visits.”




7 Meg Kassel with Black Bird of the Gallows

Like a huge wave Black Bird of the Gallows engulfed me in its magic world and did not release me before the last sentence was over. It left me ashore a little stunned and with starry eyes.






8 Alexandra Sirowy with First We Were IV

From a sweet friendship story I was thrown into complicated games. I witnessed how power can change people. Dark secrets were buried in this seaside community. Indifference and selfishness can kill or let some killer stay unpunished. Peer pressure can escalate into something ugly. And I wanted more, always more. It was a reading frenzy.

Do you love secrets? Do you love friendship stories with moving and very well portrayed characters? Are you fans of revenge an, mysteries? Then I would recommend this story a thousand times.



9 Karen McManus with One of Us is Lying

All along I was wondering: do I KNOW my kids? I mean really know them? Could I discover similar secrets or double lives? It was a somewhat unsettling but the right kind of unsettling. The one that gives you thrills because you love being a little bit frightened.






10 Julie C Dao with Forest of a Thousand Lanterns

Terrible, unconventional, lush and lavish tale!

You have two faces. Two beings live within you, struggling for control. One has a heart of darkness and feeds in the pain of weaker souls. The other longs to stretch a hand to the light, to live and love as others do. Have you never sensed this?”

What are your “New to You” authors of 2017?

Thanks for reading!



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  1. Oh this is such a great list! I loved Angie Thomas’ debut as well and can’t WAIT to read her new books, I am sure it will be amazing. I really enjoyed Julie C. Dao’s debut as well, such an intriguing world and interesting characters! <3 I have yet to read The Star-Touched Queen series, but it is on my TBR and I can't wait to get to it someday :)

  2. Look at you go! Getting to this on a Tuesday! LOL! You’re always so hard on yourself but you’re almost always on time :) I think we’ve had a discussion before of how I really need to get to something by Rouhani Chokshi – It will be happing in 2018 I promise!!
    Thanks again for participating!

  3. Devney Perry and Angie Thomas are some of my new authors for 2017 as well. And I just finished Karen M McManus’s One Of Us Is Lying – really liked it and it kept me on my toes. I hope 2018 will be as awesome book related as 2017 was.

    1. I’m so happy that you loved One Of Us Is Lying too Corina! And yes 2017 has been a fantastic reading year! Seeing all your reviews on the blog had me dizzy! How you and TJ managed to read so many books and have such a fantastic growth and interaction, posting all the time about giveaways and recs and sales and …you really are the dream team!

  4. I LOVED Black Bird of the Gallows, One of Us is Lying, The Hate U Give, and A Crown of Wishes! For my personal list I’d also add Katherine Arden, author of The Bear and the Nightingale and The Girl in the Tower. She’s now at the top of my favorite YA authors list!☺️

    1. Kim The Bear and the Nightingale is on my TBR too! I’ve also seen many wonderful reviews about The Girl in the Tower so I will have to add it as well ;-)