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Today in Top 5 Tuesday Shanah @bionicbookworm asked what our top 5 book besties would be!

The choice was HARD!

There are so many fantastic book characters I’d love to be friend with! Yet a game is a game and choose I must!

So I decided to select my band of brothers or rather my band of sisters!

I totally see our badass crew ruling the world *wisely of course* ! When you’ll see my choices below I bet you’ll rebel to dethrone your actual ruler *some won’t be a great loss indeed* and have us spread our wisdom and brand of fun onto your world!

Kidding of course but I do think these ladies *sorry I am all Girl Power today and “no boy allowed”* would just make fantastic friends. With all their personalities blended together we’d have the perfect balance between light, fun and kickass!

Meet my crew!



1 Lemon alias Miss Fresh from Lifel1k3 by Jay Kristoff.

I love Miss Fresh and her perpetual devil may care attitude paired with big loyalty and fun banter. Loyal through and through. Master at sarcasm. Funny comeback even in desperate situation. Great to alleviate the mood and always ready to follow you into mad adventure. I am certain she would push me to break the law for the thrill and the gain.

Of course you might hide all electric appliances for fear of spontaneous combustion!

And let’s not forget that Miss Fresh is not only light banter but philosopher when need arises: “

“I’ve been thinking about what you said,” Lemon declared. “About whether your past makes you what you are. That’s all our memories are, right? The pieces of our yesterdays that make us who we are today?”
Eve thought about it for a while, finally nodded. “Sounds right.”
“So you’ve had some bad days, no doubt,” Lemon said. “But I figure, instead of letting your yesterdays bring you down, maybe you can concentrate on building some happier memories today. And that way you’ll have them for tomorrow?”
Jay Kristoff, Lifel1k3

2 Kestrel from The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski.

Quiet with a sharp intellect, she is a strategist in games, human relationships or at war. She knows her inability to master weaponry. Brave, proud and strong, all she wants is to play the piano even if it’s frown upon. A Lady does not occupy herself with the arts as those are meant for the slaves to entertain their masters.
She has a gentle heart

I bet she would make for a fantastic advisor and would help me make good decisions. No more “spurt of the moment” buy of a skirt that once back home would turn out be far to short for my MILF status and end taking dust in my closet!

See I already feel smarter. It’s the Kestrel Effect!


3 Roselle St Sismode from Secondborn by Amy Bartol

Roselle will crunch your nose on the table blood gushing everywhere while munching her bland ration never stopping to chew!
I want to be Roselle when I grow up! She is an exceptional fighter and she has a ginormous heart. She will follow her heart and morale even against order. Gasp! A Secondborn MUST always follow the orders! Well our Roselle is a rebel!

If she was my friend she would teach me badass moves. She also would always save my butt! As she is always surrounded by a flock of handsome male  maybe some of her magnetic attraction would rub on me. 😀

4 Darlene from Forever Right Now by Emma Scott.

I love Darlene. She is raw attuned to the world and others she is like opened wound and bare flesh for everyone to see. She is overflowing with emotions and a need to love and be loved so big that it’s overwhelming. Like her tiny body is not big enough to contain this tidal wave of feelings.

Darlene was just an exceptional character helping everyone, wearing her heart on her sleeve and she swept Sawyer of his feet.
She also cooks tasy tuna casseroles. Always ready to help you when you need a hand she would never hesitate to watch my kids if need be *mind you now that they are 19 and 17 they just want to be left alone*. As a recovering addict she is one of the most caring and compassionate persons that I know. She would be the one I would cry on a shoulder while she would patiently pat my back and gently shush me.


5 Hermione Granger from Harry Potter would be the last member of my crew.

As an ex nerd miself we would be like two peas in a pot. Or the pot to the kettle. And as we are speaking about cooking she would boil helpful potion in her cauldron. She always has a solution in desperate situations. Where Miss Fresh would lead me astray and urge me to break the law and have some fun Hermione would be the voice of the reason. Loyal too and incredibly smart like Kestrel.

 What do you think of my crew of besties? Who would be yours?

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Witches and misfits, sounds like an awesome crew! Loyalty and fun banter are like the two most important things for a crew, so Lemon sounds awesome 😛 All these others sound amazing too though! I love how you got such a variety of all different types of awesome girls!

  2. So sorry that it took me so long to add you to the list! I worked a 14 hour day today and I’m exhausted!
    And holy hell! Finally a time where you had a Kristoff character and I didn’t! I’m still kicking myself for not thinking of Lemon Fresh. She was amazing!!!!

    1. Don’t feel bad Shanah! I can barely reply to comments these days as I am so tired that I have to force myself to disconnect early and go to bed. And yes for once I am posting about Jay Kristoff

  3. At first I didn’t think I was going to know any of your “friends”, but then Darlene popped up. I cannot tell you how excited I was, that Scott gave Darlene her own book. I so wanted her to get an HEA, and I loved the story Scott gave her.

  4. How are you an ex-nerd?!?! I don’t think of it as being something you can turn off 😉 And Hermione is awesome! She is sooo smart but also super tough! She likes to follow rules but is also willing to break them when she feels passionate about something! We could all use a friend like her! Great choices!