Hi dear friends,

I’m back again with the Top 5 Tuesday list. Last week I had no ideas about 5 books I loved and everyone hated so I jumped ahead and already spoke about books I didn’t like but others loved.

A Shanah chastised me (kidding, she is too sweet) she told ma I had always a problem to limit my choices to 5 books and I would certainly have more ideas by next week.

Well what Shanah wants Shanah gets 😀 

So for you Shanah @bionicbookworm here are my added “Books I didn’t like but everyone loved”

My issues with …..

The Crown:

The character portraying of the boys. We barely get to know them. It was too superficial for me to really know them as all happens in Eadlyn’s head and she does not spend many time with them. No real competition or undermining or…between them to keep us on our toes either;

The plot was pretty linear. Just a little surprise here and there but as everything happen in the palace, I was not as involved as I was with The Selection when America sided with rebels, etc.;



I wanted to slap Auburn several times and thought she was so naïve to try something with someone she did not feel attracted to, even for a valid reason. And when said person treated her so bad but she still thought it would be best to go back to him, always for that same reason, I really, really, really thought she was not naïve but stupid! When a man thinks he can manhandle, manipulate and blackmail you, he’ll never change and you’d better run the other way!


The Fire between Hi and Lo

My problem was not the writting which is very good as usual, it was Logan. I could not connect with him. I don’t understand why someone would take drugs and destroy his life. Intellectually, I understand he had really bad cards with a drugs addicted mom and a drug dealer for father. He was pushed to take drugs by his dad so there were many elements explaining his addiction, I should give him some slack but… I still can’t grasp why someone wants to go that way.

Logan was selfish. Yes he did care for his mom, he loved Alyssa and his brother Kellan but he was weak as he did not act on his addiction and try to push his life on the right track. And when he did, he still was selfish and hurt Alyssa. She was hurting and he fled. So, sorry but I did not like him at all. I only liked him somehow the last 30% of the book. Much too late.



First: what I would call an “inconsistency” or a “hard to believe fact”: Kai never realizes Banks identity whereas someone close to him knows it. You would think after so many years the cat would be out of the bag and I did not think this very believable.

Second: we learn pretty soon that Kai loves “watching”. I thought it pretty exciting and expected some hot scenes around that topic but… nothing. Why give us this tidbit and not exploit it? It would have made sense and would have added another steamy layer to the story.


Siege and Storm

Too much Mal not enough Darkling and pace too slow.



I was mad at Bristol for her comments on “blonde” and “tits going in her face” and …
I also did not follow their discussion about niggas (too deep for my sleep deprived brain)
Saving grace: Bristol was open minded and willing to change her mind.
Grip was a coward and a fool.


Rebel Belle

The humor of Hex Hall was missing. Maybe I expected too much after reading other reviews.


Immortal Reign

Magnus was rash, enamored with Chleo, determined to save her at all costs. What should have been endeering felt like just one single minded focus leading him to make unwise decisions.

Jonas was brave, loyal, dedicated and for once the one with his head on his shoulders! Gone the rebel making foolish decisions. He is still saving everyone but without killing others in the process. This was a nice change but so un-Jonas.

It seemed “flat” and too “white or dark”. No nuances, no real conflicts in characters except maybe in Amara. I love my books with many colors of grey.


OK I’m stopping with the bad mouthing! I’d rather prefer praising.


Now what are some books you did not like but everyone else seemed to love?

Happy Tuesday!

Thanks for reading


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  1. I’ve been seeing Immortal Reign everywhere! I gueeeessss, it’s a good thing I didn’t pick it up! Honestly, I look forward to trying Leigh Bardugo’s books but wow, the hype and craze is making me quite wary!

  2. I liked siege and storm mostly because of sturmhond but your reason of too much Mal is very well understood. Very well… I stopped Fallen Kingdoms after book 2. I couldn’t be bothered to pick up the third one and unhauled them a while ago.

  3. Out of all of these, I’ve only read FLOW/GRIP and it was one of my faves last year! But that’s ok Sophie, we can still be friends…LOL! I’m kidding, I actually enjoy getting different perspectives from fellow bloggers…I mean how boring would it be if we all thought the same way?!? I’m glad you have the courage to speak your mind, my friend!

    1. Hahaha I’m happy we can stay friends Trisy! And me too I do like different opinion on books as it makes for interesting discussions. It also shows reading is a personal experience; -)

  4. I loved Siege and Storm but I agree with you that it has too much Mal and not enough Darkling. I loved Rachel Hawkin’s Hex Halls but I haven’t read Rebel Belle. I’m sorry it didn’t meet your expectations. I have Devil’s Night series on my TBR and I’m hoping to read it someday in the future.

    1. We do seem to read lots of similar books Raven! I hope Devil’s Night will feel better for you than for me 😉

  5. I’ve only read one Colleen Hoover’s book but have heard many mixed things about the books. Haven’t read any of these but just ordered bunch of books which means that i get to start The Grisha Verse trilogy!

  6. Aww I love how you did this post Sophie! Shallow characters really get to me especially in romances where the characters are the stars! Also not relating to character choices… that spells doom! As does stupid characters trying to pass themselves off as naive! So irritating.

  7. OK well that’s every Colleen Hoover book for me at this point. But HOW DID YOU NOT LIKE THE FIRE BETWEEN HI AND LO! *gasps* I am scandalized Sophie!!!