For today’s top 5 Tuesday hosted by Shanah @bionicbookworm, I’ll be a good girl for a change. No naked men, no naughty thoughts , nope, nada, niente! Shanah I promise to behave!

I will be a good girl and just show you my five (or more) books that I want to read again and again.



But first: do you reread books?

Before blogging I used to reread. Like I read Twilight five times. Twilight yes, that’s right. I own it. I found it sooo romantic at the time and I had never read vampire stories before! It was brand new and shiny, followed by the movies. Speaking of the movies I only liked the firts one! Then they had to change the director and it was much more “mainstream “and less “mysterious mood vibes”.

Now that I am blogging I don’t have really time for rereads as I get ARCs . Plus being part of the book blogging community means that I see many new shiny books that I just have to put my greedy hands on!

Yet rereading books can be the best cure for book hangover.

It used to be my favorite cure. I knew I would find an old trusted friend. The one to set me on the right mood to enjoy another read.


Let’s say that I suddenly have time again to reread books, which one would I choose?


First I would love to reread the whole Harry Potter series.

I think JK Rowling did create magic when she wrote these. It was new, fresh, adventurous.


Second I would read Making Faces by Amy Harmon once again.

This book holds so much beauty and wisdom! Bailey was extraordinary and the messages conveyed so meaningful!


Third I would reread The Black Dagger Botherhood by JR Ward.

There is something addictive to this very adult series. JR Ward created her own world with her own hierarchy of badasses. The males are a big bunch of Uber alpha and it’s kind of my favorite brand of heroes.


Fourth I would reread Transendence by Shay Savage

It was here again such fresh concept! Ehd was so special. Innocent, caring, alone. So devoted too. Willing to please and have a mate to care for.


Fifth I would reread “The Wrath and the Dawn” and “The Rose and the Dagger” by Renee Ahdieh.

I found her writing so poetic. The banter was excellent. The 1001 nights vibes so exotic. Everything worked for me.


Sixth (yes yes I know I go beyond the five but I can only behave to some extent) I would like to reread Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma.

If I am courageous enough. And have gallons of ice cream waiting for my smashed heart in the freezer. And I invest in a tissue factory before. Plus buy some concealer for my puffy eyes.


Seventh reread: The Winner’s Curse trilogy by Marie Rutkoski.

Because I loved Arin and Kestrel so much. Because what Kestrel lacked in brute force and fighting skills she made up waith her brilliant minde. She was an extraordinary strategist. Their love story was that of starcrossed lovers too, another trope that I love.


Eighth Wolfsong by TJ Klune

Because it made me cry and smile and cry and ….it broke my heart just to put it back together. It was my first MM book and I could not have chosen a better book.


Ninth reread: The Angelfall series because…when will Susan Ee write another book????

That’s it for today!


Now do tell me what would be your five reread?


Thanks for reading!


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  1. I love rereading my favorite books…especially in the case that it gets me out of my reading slumps! But yes, the Harry Potter series is one in which I am constantly rereading!

  2. I love rereading books! I have read Fairy Oak, the book series that got me into reading, like 6 times, I think, and I am planning a reread soon.

    I have to reread Harry Potter too! I am still deciding if I should rearead it in Spanish or in English, though :’)

    I’d like to reread also Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell and the Vampire Academy series, in order to read the next spin-off series focused about other characters 🙂

    1. I tried to read Harry Potter in French Cri but I find that all translation lose something from the original. That’s why I began reading in English!

  3. Yes! BDB is a definite reread for me. Also anything by Kristen Ashley, Joanna Wylde, Jamie Begley, Hettie Ivers, T.M. Frazier, M. Robinson…geez my list keeps going on, LOL!

  4. I never re-read before but I always want to! Harry Potter is a great books to start, it’s always nice to come back home where it all started!! Great list!!

    1. Hahaha Hanna I even recall the first scene of the first book when he entered her appartment and she was all turned on by him!

  5. I don’t reread books that often because there are always so many new books to read! I will re-read books when a new book in a series or a movie comes out so that I can re-fresh my memory but that is about it.

    I have reread Harry Potter a whole bunch of times! And I am listening to it on Audiobook for the first time right now!

    1. Yes when you have the last book of a series coming out and you have forgotten all about it …it’s time for a re read!