Hi dear friends!

Today is Top 5 Tuesday and Shanah @bionicbookworm made us choose five books we’d save from a fire….

This is so hard so you’ll have the top 5 without fireman then the other Top 5…and more when a hot and very muscled fireman will help me carry all my precious. Heck make it a squad of firemen!

So worst case scenario: no fireman as they are all busy in a gigantic fire somewhere else. It’s up to me to choose among my babies and save only five. I would save:



Best case scenario: I am helped by a squad of very determined firemen. You see they are all bookworms and heard my pleas. I am very distressed and they can’t let my precious books burning.

I would add to these first five books:

I told you they were really determined to help.

Now do tell me what books would you save from a fire?

Thanks for reading!


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    1. Mmmmh *thinking hard* that could totally work! Make him Dwayne Johnson and he would do it hands down LOL

    1. See Meghan? Maybe if Shanah asks us what books we would save from drowning we could have life guards? They are hot too!!!! 😉 xx

  1. There you have all the books I would save too if I had their paperback copies lol. But for me the first would be 53 letters for my lover, then Mists of the Serengiti, and then my signed paperback of The Unrequited by saffron kent

    1. Oh yes Ari! But so far I don’t own physical copies of leylah’s books *don’t throw rocks at me. I repeat don’t throw rocks!!!!* 😀

  2. Hahaha.. You really couldn’t stop with 5… And you just made my imagination a little hot with firemen, maybe shirtless firemen, with books. *dreamy sigh*

    Hahaha. great choices, by the way,

    1. Haha Lili always have a cold shower at the ready when reading my posts LOL And thanks!!! xx

    1. Well Wendy maybe we could have our shelves on rolls and roll them filled with books to the nearest door/window? LOL

  3. I got an image of sexy Firemen helping you carry out all your books and can’t stop giggling smh! great picks though, I’d also save my Cassie Clare’s

    1. Hihi Lilly I am happy I made you laugh! I just could not choose only five and had to find something to save more LOL

  4. Holy hell you made me choke on my water!!! I will know from now on to not take a drink and read your post titles! I just about died!!! I can just image you now – standing in the front door yelling to all the hunky firemen to come save your books, then dramatically fainting after it’s all over so one of them has to catch you! LOL!!!!
    By the way – great list! There are so many amazing books there!! Got you added 🙂

    1. Hahaha next week I post a “Warning read at your own risk if you are drinking” promise Shanah!!! Happy I made you laugh it’s so good to laugh 😉 xx

  5. I’ll be adding so many of these to my TBR.

    But above all, I LOVE your use of firemen! Where can I get a bookworm firefighter squad??