Today’s topic at Top 5 Tuesday, this weekly event hosted by Shanah at bionicbookworm is spin off. Check her blog and this event as the topics are really interesting and sometimes … out of my comfort zone!


So today dear readers I will be a bad, bad girl. I wil cheat! Not only once but twice!

First because I will twist our topic and not stop as only spin off but sequels too.

Second because I won’t stop at five but will give you more (eleven to be honest!). That’s always been my problem: I am chatty!


Let’s dive in.

Spin off

I want one from Throne of Glass series by Sarah J Maas.

There are too many side characters who deserve their own story but my favorite is Manon Blackbeak! She has earned the right to have her own badassery featured in a spin off.

Here is what I wrote about her in Queen of Shadows

Manon of the Blackbeak Clan, Wing Leader witch is a complex character and I loved how Sarah J Maas played with her emotions and conflicts. Manon and her Thirteen side story was truly fascinating to follow. It adds layers to the book, all individual stories running alongside to collide at some point in a clash of swords and knives. When Manon meets Aelin, arrows, punches and sparks fly.



Beartown by Frederik Backman

I finished this phenomenal read days ago and I want more! The side characters were so interesting that I want ot follow their story when they grow into adulthood.

I want to follow Amat, Benji and Bobo. I came to love them and I want them to be happy. To live, love, stumble and fall just to go up again.

Yet I know this is highly unlikely.




The Air He Breathes by Brittainy C Cherry

I want feisty Faye to have her own story. That girl was a hoot and I grew to deeply love her.

Here is what I wrote about her:

I won’t tell more about the story who is far from finished, just add that it also has a villain I did not see coming and that Faye was a hilarious girl. I can’t resist writing some of her banter here below. Enjoy!

”Was it? Was it an accident?”…”Not exactly like that. The wind pushed the penis toward my mouth first”…”I know! I know! This is why people shouldn’t go out on windy days. The penises are on rampage the windy days”
Or another of my favorite : ”Did you lick his sharp jaw? Did you giddy up? Did you find his nemo? Did you Grace his Frankie? Did you Justin his Timberlake?”
Faye is totally inappropriate but so fierce, free and loyal that you can only love her.”


Making Faces by Amy Harmon

I loved this book so much that I don’t want to part ways with its characters yet. I would love reading about Fern and Ambrose’s kids. See what would happen to them and how they would grow old together.







It Ends with Us by Colleen Hoover

Gah! That ending!!!! It was a non ending. With uncertainty. We have a semi closure and I’m not satisfied with it!

I want to know more about Lily and Atlas’s future.

Here is what I wrote about it:

This book made me cry, made me smile with the naked truths, made me swoon and made me angry, very, very angry on Lily’s behalf. I’ve also been knocked off of my socks as I was forced to reconsider some preconceived views I had on women experiencing what Lily did. Like Lily I could not understand what they chose to do. It was incomprehensible. CoHo took me on Lily’s journey and I discovered the complexity of the topic. Everyone has its own story, its own good or not so good reasons to behave a certain way. This humbled me and for that I’m grateful to Colleen Hoover as I love books that make me think and challenge my beliefs.

My only regret: I would have loved a second epilogue, some years later. But that’s just me being greedy.”


Angelfall by Susan Ee

This could be a spin off about Belial or Penryn mother or a sequel as I would love to read about Raffe and Penryn when they really are together. How will this unfold? Will Raffe stay cocky? Penryn feisty? Will they have kids?






The Fifth Wave by Rick Yancey

I want another ending!!! 18 months after now and I’m not over it yet! I want it to be a kind of cosmic joke, a prank. I want it to be “Surprise! It did not happen!”

Here is an excerpt of what I wrote being very frustrated:


I began this book this morning and finished it two hours ago (with chores in between). I’m still not recovered. I still want to destroy this book or scream or bawl my eyes out or drown my frustration in gallons of ice cream or…..”


Wolfsong by TJ Klune

That one will maybe come true as it seems part of a series and I really, really, really can’t wait to read more about Ox and Joe and their (extended) family!

So please Mr Klune just hurry up!!!




First We Were IV by Alexandra Sirowy

I want to see the characters evolve after the drama. What will happen? How will they be changed? Will they still be friends? Will they survive? What lessons will be learned? Will they be happy one day?





Legend by Marie Lu

Because here again the ending was not an ending but a possible beginning. Gah! I hate it when writers leave the door open for whatever we want to imagine. It’s a blessing and a curse. I need closure it seems. It’s maybe sad but it’s the truth!




The X-Club by Anna Zaires

I want more! It was only a short story but I loved it so much that I really need more about Amy and Vair.

Here is what I wrote about them:

Short erotic read. Good introduction to Krinar’s world and Krinar’s chronicle (one of the best if not the best erotic/romance alien series I’ve ever read).

I‘d like more! Please Anna, could you write a (much, much longer) book 2 about Vair and Amy? I’m hooked now and it’s so unfair to let frustrated like that! Any chance we can push you? ;)

A huge Krinar fan.”

And you what are your books that need a spin off?


Thanks for reading!




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  1. I would love to see how things continue on after the end of the Angelfall trilogy. I think there is so much interesting things left to discover in that setting and world.

  2. Yay for Making Faces and It Ends With Us. I want them to have spin-offs. Those two are my TOP faves. Sarah J. Maas series is one of the series I want to try too. I’v eheard phenomenal things about it. ❤️

  3. OMG I would LOVE a book dedicated just to Manon! She’s so fierce and amazing!! I can’t wait for the next book to see what she does :)
    Thanks again for participating – added you to the list :)

  4. Great list! I totally agree with you on Angelfall! It’s one of my favorite trilogies! This series definitely needs a spin off because Penryn is human and raffe is Angel so how could they have an happily ever after? and there are some questions left unanswered like Penryn mother’s strange behavior and how did she survived by herself? yeah, I totally felt bad for belial after hearing his story.