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Today’s topic at Top 5 Tuesday (hosted by the very friendly and Uber cool Shanah @bionicbookworm) was Top 5 series I won’t finish.

My big problem is …I’m not a quitter! Meaning: if I begin a series I plan to finish it. I only have one series so far that did not interest me in the end: Enders. Not enough for my top 5.


I have several series that I need and plan to finish one day.

Why isn’t it already done? Well because when I began usually the whole series was not published and if the next book took it’s time to come out I was distracted by other shiny toys (I can have the attention span of a gnat sometimes…).


I cheated once more (sorry Shanah) and decided to make it into a “Top 5 series I need to finish” meaning that all the books have been published and I do intend to read the lasts ones.

Without further ado…

The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater

I truly love Maggie’s writing. Her tone is unique and this story had a haunting quality. Mind you the girl is cursed!


The Girl of Fire and Thorns by Rae Carson

I discovered Rae Carson years ago and I was smitten with this series. I just need some time to read the last one #bookbloggerproblem.


Legend by Marie Lu

I loved June and Day’s story! So why in God’s name did I stop reading it??? I even own Champion on my Kindle. Probably too chicken given how the second book ended (cliffhanger and black days ahead).


The Fae Chronicles by Amelia Hutchins

Well this one is easy: I was not aware the last book had been published! I discovered it only two days ago and I one clicked immediately! So I will add this one to my May TBR!


The Afterlife Saga by Stephanie Hudson

This one was so good! A little bit kinky (so don’t read it if you only want YA), a little bit mysterious with a prophecy, demons and angst! I want to finish it and I stopped only because these are big books and I had other commitments at that time. But I sure do hope to resume my read!

Now I give you the choice today: either chat about series you won’t finish or series you want to finish!


Thanks for reading and sorry Shanah!



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  1. Well. At least you’re ahead of me lol. I still haven’t read some of these and they have been on my Kindle for what feels like forever. I still need to pick up the first book for The Raven Boys , The Girl of Fire and Thorns Legend. Here’s hoping you love the last books in those series!

  2. I think I need to read the Legend series. I read my first Marie Lu recently (Warcross) and liked it a lot, so I’m kinda keen on trying more of her stuff.

  3. Argh!! I read the entirety of The Raven Cycle in one week. This is why I usually wait til the whole series is out before smashing through them all!! (Except spoilers kind of suck 🙁

    1. I used to be like you Meeghan but since blogging I could only do it on holiday, when on a blogging break 😉

  4. The first book in Raven Boys series didn’t work out for me but I want to give it another shot. I haven’t read Legend trilogy but I’ve added it on my binge list. I loved the first two books in the Fae Chronicles but i haven’t read the rest of the series yet. I really need to get back to it soon. It’s good to know that the final book is released. You should also check out her other series Playing with the Monsters. It’s really good!

    1. I just bought the first of Playing with the Monsters Raven!!! Great minds think alike LOL

  5. I read the The girl of fire and thorns last year but don’t own the others so I haven’t continued with that. I’ve been prioritizing buying other books…

  6. I don’t like to quit series reads either Sophie! And I know I have a ton of them to finish, I’m STILL working on the BDB series by JR Ward! Good luck!

  7. No worries on the tweak! You know that I always enjoy how you make the topics fit your personality! I’m not much of a quitter either and making my list was hard. Even if I didn’t really enjoy the book, I still NEED to know what happened! I’ve gotten over it over the last few years. I was forcing myself to read books I couldn’t care about and spent my time wishing I was reading something else. So now I find spoiler reviews and have other people tell me what happens! LOL!
    Thanks for participating – added you to the list 🙂

  8. I’ve really been wanting to start The Raven Boys! It’s a series I’ve had on my TBR for ages and I really have to pick it up soon! I hope you end up finishing them!

  9. I’m a notorious series starter, and then before I know it I have 50 series I’m in the middle of. I need to catch up on so many too!