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Ok this week I confess I will cheat!

Bad, bad Sophie I know but this week’s subject is:


How does Shanah expect me to choose only 5 authors????

I read mostly romance be it with suspense, sweet, dark, contemporary, fantasy, dystopian, adult, new adult or young adult so choosing only 5 authors is impossible!


So I will choose 5 Adult authors and 5 YA authors. That’s the best that I can do.


Without furder ado:

Top 5 Auto Buy Adult Authors


Amy Harmon

She is my go to author. The one that I will one click without reading anything when I want to experience something graceful with positive feelings and profound thoughts.


Suanne Laqueur

A Charm of Finches her latest book is my Best of 2017. She will destroy your soul and build it up soon after. Reading her books is battling with the world and ending exhausted but victorious.


Emma Scott

Forever Right Now her latest creation is on my top 5 books of 2017 right alongside The Dark of the Moon the fantasy that she wrote under E.S. Bell ‘s name. I will read anything she writes as she writes romances like no one else. I also know that I have to stack up tissues as I’ll be a blubbering mess more than once.


Leylah Attar

Another auto buy when I want romance and very well written stories. She knocked me off my socks with Mists of the Serengeti. It was simply gorgeous and should be auctioned for a movie.


Brittainy C Cherry

This is another author who can write phenomenally moving stories. Her latest characters Graham all distant and clumsy at social relationship opposed to sunny Lucy made me sigh and swoon and cry and…


Now I’m cheating even more as other auto buy authors are: LJ Shen, Aleatha Romig, Devney Perry (the most recent one), Mia Sheridan, Penelope Douglas ….ok, ok Shanah I stop here!!!



Top 5 Auto Buy YA authors


Jeff Zentner

I discovered Mister Jeff with The Serpent King. This book was forced down my throat (figure of speech) by a dear friend of mine and I became a fan. Goodbye Days had me falling in love even more.


Cassandra Clare

I don’t know how she does it but every book she’s written so far had me falling in love with her characters, her plot, her writing, her ….OK I stop gushing here.  Seriously her latest series The Dark Artifices is even better than the others.


Sarah J Maas

She is another fantasy Master. The one that I dream of meeting. She also has a knack for writing prodigious characters and I don’t speak of main characters only but also side characters (don’t start me on Manon Blackbeak)


Renee Ahdieh

I love her writing. There is something poetic about it. The Wrath and the Dawn was the beginning of my love story. She has the gift to write with flourishes but not overtly. Reading her prose is like having a stroll in an exotice garden.


In a tie two authors that I’ve recently discovered and loved. They only wrote one book that I know of but it was so promising that they made to my “go to” shelf instantly

Angie Thomas and Lucy Christopher

Angie Thomas wrote the best seller The Hate U Give and Lucy Christopher “Stolen” both books unique and compelling.


I would like to add three other authors that I’ve discovered this year Alexandra Sirowy who wrote First We Were IV, Karen McManus with her suspense One of Us is Lying and Meg Kassel with her Black Bird of the Gallows. I can’t wait to read more of them!

And you who are your 5 auto buy authors?


Thanks for reading!


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  1. As soon as I am caught back up on everything I am determined to read something by Amy Harmon. You speak so highly of her work and I have not been able to grab a book of hers and give it the proper attention it deserves yet.

    1. I can’t wait Adrienne!!! Depending on the mood you’ll be in I could recommend one or another . Just let me know when you’re ready 😉