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Today’s weekly topic: 5 characters that give you the creeps.

OK I won’t lie: when I read today’s topic I panicked! I don’t really read horror books so where would I find creepy characters?

It had me scrutinizing my Goodreads shelves in the hope of finding some creepy guys or girls… I found some but not 5 yet.

Desperate times call for deperate actions: I called my daughter and promised her extra treats if she could help me find the twisted villains. My daughter alias Mini Me or Julie saved my life. She found some interesting characters to add. Now discussing with her I ended with more than 5!!!!


So let’s just enjoy these bad guys and girls.


Creepy characters: Thaddeus and Dead Eye from the Tales of a New World series by P.C. Cast

Seriously these two gave me the creeps. They are unhinged and really obsessed by their ideas. As far as grafting animal skin on your own skin, becoming part animal with antlers on your head tell me if it’s not creepy. Especially when they are dead set to eliminate the main characters of your story, characters who of course are the good ones LOL



Rajah Tarek in The Hundredth Queen by Emily R. King

A guy overjoyed when his women have to fight to death and backstab each other is just a creep. He was slimy and the heroine had to be careful every time she was in the Rajah’s presence. He also had no love lost for his son…

I wrote: “Tarek is cruel and unfair as a ruler. He likes to witness the fights among his wives and courtesans. He does not care for them. They are just toys for his own pleasure and he shares his courtesans with others. Of course it’s inherently wrong to treat women as objects.”



Once more a Sultan in Rebel of the Sands and Traitor to the Throne by Alwyn Hamilton

Is he a clever manipulator or is he honestly convinced he acted in the kingdom’s best interest? He is a crafty fox, smart and his arguments seemed so logical I nearly forgot the side I was rooting for.



Master Azriani in Riot by Tillie Cole

Master Arziani is insane. He must be bipolar hitting Inessa one moment and kissing her the next. He sees himself as a modern emperor.

“I am the only male on the planet who has this as his kingdom.” He gestured with a sweep of his arm, then continued, “A Caesar for the modern age. An empire built on strength and skill. A gladiatorial Rome right here in Georgia. An arena where we root out the gods from the men. The arena where my word is law, where lives are saved or taken by the simple flick of my wrist.”


The Red Queen in the Tearling series by Erika Johansen

She is vicious, kills everyone or sacrifice kids to other entities. She is amoral and has no pity.


King Leck in Graceling by Kristin Cashore

Makes everyone believe his lies and kills children. He is a manipulator and pushes his advisors to torture kids. He tortures animals too. I think he is an ideal candidate.

Next one!


The Commandant  in An Ember in the Ashes

She beats her servants, kills without remorse and flirts with some serious dark magic.



Queen Elara in Red Queen

She manipulate other’s minds and make them commit atrocities. It’s a mental rape and pure agony. She kills her opponents and manipulate her own son.

Anyone can betray anyone.”
Victoria Aveyard, Red Queen


Now what are your creepy characters? Do you agree with my choices?


Thanks for reading!

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  1. Nice list! I also don’t read creepy books much but I do watch creepy horror movies. I totally agree with you on Commandant! She’s definitely one hell of a creepy character. I really need to get back to this series! I haven’t read Moon Chosen but It’s in my tbr. Is it good?

    1. Oh yes I love Moon Chosen and the second one Sun Warrior. It’s a totally new universe with several side stories and interesting characters.

  2. The Commandant DEFINITELY deserves to be on this list! Those books filled me with absolute anger whenever she was in the picture! I hope she gets what’s coming to her. I haven’t read the Queen of The Tearling series yet but good to know I have someone to hate when I finally get to the series!
    BTW – look who’s early today! LOL!