Top 5 tuesday is a weekly meme imagined by Shanah @BionicBookWorm.

She always has an interesting topic to talk about and this week’s choice is our Most Read Authors!!!

OK I could do it scientifically and go to Goodreads and try to organize my shelves by author and count but… I’m too lazy!

Anyway you would believe that I would know the authors I’ve read most about right?


Well yes but since I’m reading for a looooong time some past authors are no longer my current “most read”.

If I had to choose authors based on my teenage years and young adult years I would speak of Juliette Benzoni and Christian Jacq but I bet none of you would know them as they are French authors! The same goes for Anne Robillard and her “Chevaliers d’Emeraude” series that I’ve read (12 books in that series).


See my predicament here???

So I chose the most read authors since the last 10 years (seems reasonable right?).


First “most read” are two fantasy authors.


Cassandra Clare with The Mortal Instruments series, The Infernal Devices series and the Dark Artifacts series = 10 books.



Sarah J Maas and her Throne of Glass series (I still have to read Tower of Dawn) and ACOTAR series = 8 books


Then my contemporary authors.


Amy Harmon

I’ve read Running Barefoot, A Different Blue, The Law of Moses, The Song of David, Making Faces, Infinity plus One, The Bird and The Sword, From Sand and Ash, The Queen and the Cure = 9 books.


Now comes Mia Sheridan. Archer’s Voice, Stinger, Leo, Kyland, Ramsay, Greyson’s Vow, Midnight Lily, Becoming Calder = 8 books.

Last but not least Emma Scott. I count her as ES Bell too as it’s the same author who wrote The Dark of The Moon. Add to this one Full Tilt, All In, The Butterfly Project, Sugar & Gold, How to Save a Life and we get 6 books.

And you what are your top 5 most read authors?


Thanks for reading once again.


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  1. Thanks for joining in again this week! A few of these authors made my list as well. I have a friend who INSISTS I read Amy Harmon. The Law of Moses is one that she mentioned specifically. Now that I’ve seen it on your list as well I think I should finally get to it some day!

    1. Well Shanah I would also recommend From Sand and Ash. The historical setting and acts of valor were really interesting. And thank you for finding ideas for us to chat about!!! <3