Happy Tuesday friends!

Today I am running on fumes as the workday has been exhausting and my travel back home on the train was A/C…less.

I was soaked when I was back home!

Now nothing could prevent me from taking part in Shanah @bionicbookworm top 5 Tuesday!

Theme of the day: best ARCs.

Why do I want to kiss these authors? Because they wrote something so epic or good or …that I lived in their stories and escaped reality. I became someone else! I was either living with an abusive mother and fighting to find happiness (Jay), either impaling my enemies (Bright We Burn), either hearing music in technicolors (A Wish for Us), surviving in the woods and protecting my girl (The Boy and His Ribbon); playing all kind of pranks (Atticus) or busy wooing the girl of my heart after having abducted her (Tethered Souls).

Now dare to tell me these authors don’t deserve to be worshipped!


I got many good ARCs these last years and the choice would have been too hard to stop at 5 (even at ) so I added a twist: I had to choose among my 2018 ARCs.

Let’s get to the matter at heart shall we? Oh and as usual click on the graphic to read the review.

BEST OF ALL!!! Totally unexpected and I bow to Jay’s mastery.

Then in no particular order but all worth reading….



In Adult/NA

And yes I know it’s more than 5 but this is my blog and my big, big reader’s heart is crying when he has to reject some great ARC just to fit a meme!!!! Shanah have mercy please.

What are your top 5 *or more I won’t be fussy* ARCs from these last months?

Happy Tuesday!




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  1. Oh man. There is so much love for Tillie Cole! I have never read anything from her, but I really want to. I don’t think I’ve read any of the other authors on your list, either. I’m glad you’ve had some stellar ARCs this year! πŸ™‚ Here’s to many many more!

  2. Ouh Wish for us is still on my tbr !! I have yet to finish my review requests… erh.. getting there though.

    The two Arcs I thought alot about lately was most definately “the art of french kissing” and “The corner shop in Cockleberry bay”…. probably “the heart between us” aswell but idk which other two i’d place in ..