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AUGUST 29 – Top 10 favourite side characters


OK Shanah made me sweat once again because 10 memorable side characters!!!!

I’ll tell you a secret. When I read a book I’m all in. Immersed. Breathing and eating with the characters. Cheering with them and crying buckets if the scene is right. But once time is passing their names fade away.

Alzheimer? Maybe.

So I was able to remember 3 side characters immediately but I had to think for the other 7 ones. And yet I loved them to pieces when I read the book so they are still my favorites.


So thank you Shanah for this exercise my brain feels stronger now and I’m certain I’ve regained a few brains cells. 😀



First favorite character: Bailey from Making Faces by Amy Harmon

I’m sure you must be sick of reading about this book by now but sorry this is my TOP FAVORITE! So yes I’ll still be gushing over it years from now.

Bailey amazed and humbled me. He was the friend you’d need to have. He was strong even if he was dying slowly. He forced everyone to see him for something else than his handicap. He was my hero!

Bailey may be disabled but he was a special person because of his love and courage, quote: “Because life has sculpted him in something amazing”. As Ambrose said “Bailey taught those he loved to love, put things in perspective, to live for the present, to say I love you often and mean it”. And this is a big lesson, so true but often forgotten except when ordeals knock at our door.

Bailey … he is my Super Hero! He is so alive, self mocking, determined to fight and beat the odds. Never self centered, never complaining despite his sickness. He is a force to be reckoned with.



Second favorite side character: Manon Blackbeak

She deserves her own book and her own adventure. I love characters in shades of grey and Manon is one of them. Manon of the Blackbeak Clan, Wing Leader witch is a complex character and I loved how Sarah J Maas played with her emotions and conflicts. Manon and her Thirteen side story was truly fascinating to follow. It adds layers to the book, all individual stories running alongside to collide at some point in a clash of swords and knives. When Manon meets Aelin, arrows, punches and sparks fly. Raised to be cruel she has her inner moral compass and will rise above her education to do what’s right. She is also badass in a fight and I want Abraxos as ride, let’s be honest here.



Third side character: Hermione Granger

You don’t need to be introduced to Hermione. She is nearly a main character and the discussion is open but don’t be petty. Let me choose her because that girl is so smart she becomes sexy! I know often nerds irk other students but I was a nerd (and a tomboy) so I feel a kinship with Hermione.

She is ingenious, smart, courageous and loyal. What’s not to love right?


Fourth side character: Faye from The Air he Breathes by Brittainy C Cherry.

That girl cracked me up. She had a potty mouth and the best come backs. She was also the most supportive friend you could wish for. Really if you want to have a hoot, a slumber party or a girl’s night you invite Faye. Guaranteed blast!

I can’t resist writing some of her banter here below.

”Was it? Was it an accident?”…”Not exactly like that. The wind pushed the penis toward my mouth first”…”I know! I know! This is why people shouldn’t go out on windy days. The penises are on rampage the windy days”

Or another of my favorite : ”Did you lick his sharp jaw? Did you giddy up? Did you find his nemo? Did you Grace his Frankie? Did you Justin his Timberlake?”

Faye is totally inappropriate but so fierce, free and loyal that you can only love her.


Fifth side character: I choose a “villain” Maven from Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

Maven from Red Queen. Maven… I nearly loved him. I know, I know he is a master manipulator. He’s done and he’ll do evil things. BUT… he’s been his mother’s victim too. The Queen from Hell destroyed his mind. What she forced the little boy, toddler even, to endure broke my heart. I could not remain unaffected by what he went through. And let’s face it: he maybe is obsessed with Mare, that’s certainly unhealthy but compared with Cal he puts her first. He is not “meek” in his feelings. He plays the bad guy but he has so many nuances of grey he is one of the most fascinating characters of the story. I know mosts want Mare to end with Cale but Maven is so much more interesting. He protects Mare in his own twisted way. He respects her even more than Cale. I want him to become her hero.



Sixth side character: Miranda from Shadow Falls by CC Hunter

I loved this series. It’s fast paced, has tons of interesting characters and lots of humor. Miranda is the witch that repeatedly fails her spell. It gives something hilarious to the book. She also is hot headed and very supportive. Insecure as she is failing countless time she really is easy to relate to.



Seventh side character: Tink from Eternally North by Tillie Cole

Tink is the best gay friend every girl needs to have. The one loving glitter. The one you can cry with. The friend to go on a shopping spree. The one to have your back. He is eccentric and your fairy godmother. I loved him!



Eighth side character: a villain again: Belial from Angelfall by Susan Ee

Belial is the bad guy in the first two books. What he did was horrendous. BUT… once we got to know his past, how he was “before” and what happened to him you can’t stay hostile. He has excuses. And he did try to make up for what he’s done. He had depth and that’s what I loved.


Ninth :Mark from The Dark Artifices by Cassandra Clare

I love Mark. He is strong and a skilled hunter but retains some innocence. Maybe because he is bewildered so many times and speaks in the Fairy way. I wanted to protect his heart and his soul. Very courteous, caring and loyal he also is a skilled fighter and you’ll want him to have your back !


Tenth character: Goma from Mists of the Serengeti by Leylah Attar

A badass very old lady. I want to be Goma when I’ll be an old lady! Seriously she’s like ninety and rules her world on a farm in the middle of Africa. She wears mummus like a queen, doesn’t bat an eyelash when her life is threatened and she has to face three killers.

“Never piss off an old bird. We’re cranky, constipated, and we need our beauty sleep.”

She is a badass old chicken! I bet all my grandkids would like me to drive them to school just to show off their so cool grand-mother.
And you, what are your favorite side characters? Could you come up with ten of yours?




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  1. I loved Bailey and Goma too!!!!! They’re awesome. They’re still in my mind and heart after these months. Loved them so much.
    Anyway, there are some of books in this list I haven’t read yet so I’ll check them out. Thank you for sharing, hon. ❤️

    1. Oh I should have known you loved them too Geybie. Soul sister and all LOL Thank you for commenting 😉

    1. So true! Dark Artifices is filled with them It’s like side stories running parallel to each other and making everything so interesting!

  2. I’m so happy you chose Manon!! She’s just so incredible. I can’t help but love her and hate her at the same time. I’m dying to see what happens with her character in the end!! And I’m glad this helped you strengthen your brain. Top 5 Tuesdays are brain food!! Thanks again for participating!

    1. You are welcome Shanah! Now a question for this series: do you know if the next one is a side story or a must read to continue???

    1. So true Adrienne! They add layers to the story and keep everything interesting!!!
      What are some of yours?