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AUGUST 1ST – Top 5 book worlds I want to live in





Harry Potter to make magic and learn at Poudlard with its incredible teachers. Make friends for Life. Sans Voldemort of course


Twilight to get my own vampire or shifter who would of course fall crazy in love with me 😉 


Throne of Glass to ride Abraxos! Now of course all the villain would have to be dead or contained but once more… Magic and witches and fantastical creatures!


The Mortal Instruments. I would love to be a Shadowhunter. Train to kick @sses and fight the villains. Ride a motorbike in the sky, meet Magnus and Jace of course!


Shadow Falls by CC Hunter. To have crazy and clumsy witches as friends, get a werewolf as boyfriend (they are known to have high temperature so useful as I’m always cold) or a charming fey boy. I would also befriend vampires, shifters, etc. Diversity is the key word!


Now in what book world would you like to live? Why?


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    1. Well we would be in our fantasy world Elizabeth so either perfect of very smart to compensate our shortcomings (stamina) ;-). Thank you for commenting! <3